Social Architect Craig Williams and Marketer Neil Howe Partner to Help Businesses Gain Authority

Social Architect Craig Williams has a gift for remembering people that he meets, uncovering their core values and passion and then connecting them with the right people to help make their dreams a reality. Williams educates businesses to help them understand how being socially connected can truly benefit them, both with new clients and also with media exposure of their brand and company name.

Williams recently partnered with Neil Howe of Howe Marketing Consultants to offer a highly specialized service designed to help clients become recognized in their field of expertise as “the expert” at what they do. Howe and Williams will combine their marketing and social media experience to assist clients with brand exposure and media placement in major media outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe and more.

Williams explains, “When you are first thinking about how to position yourself as an expert, it’s important to first discover your passion. Find a natural interest that you have…a gift or talent that you have, something that you have a knack for…there are more than 7 billion people in the world so you will find an audience for what you have to say. We’re each unique and the expert on our own experiences. I think we can all learn from each other.”

Alex Thomason admires William’s working style when making connects for others, he says, “Craig Williams is a visionary leader who has the ability to remain level-headed in the midst of chaos while creating a positive and creative atmosphere. His character is tried and true. He’s the real deal.”

Rebecca Happy recently worked with Howe on gaining media coverage for her business. She says, “I recently did some work with Neil Howe when I was looking for some media coverage from a publicist. I was ready to ramp up my visibility to scale my business. As a man of action, Neil was able to almost instantly get me picked up by dozens of media outlets across the USA. I am so glad he showed up at the right time. Neil was able to get the job done in 48 hours. I was impressed.”

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