Skincare Expert H.L. Greenberg Appears On The ‘Money For Lunch’ Radio Show

Dr. H.L. Greenberg, M.D., Owner of Las Vegas Dermatology, recently took to the airwaves on the nationally syndicated “Money For Lunch” radio show to educate the public about skin care and how laser skin treatment can help solve a variety of skin problems. Dr. Greenberg appeared as a guest on the radio show with host Bert Martinez.

“This was a great chance for me to delve into some common sense tips for maintaining healthy skin while at the same time highlighting some of the great laser services we provide at Las Vegas Dermatology. The listeners had the opportunity to learn some things about keeping their skin healthy and young looking while also being informed about how lasers can help them with their cosmetic needs” said Dr. Greenberg.

Providing a basic education on skin care is only the beginning for Dr. Greenberg. He has seen the demand for skin treatment procedures grow in the last several years. He felt it was his obligation to provide as much information and insight into these procedures as possible to meet the growing demand for services and keep his business on the cutting edge of skin care and cosmetic skin enhancement.

Utilizing laser technology for wrinkle reduction and tattoo removal were two of the subjects covered on the show. The most effective treatments for wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing can seem like the most disruptive to the skin in the short term. Dr. Greenberg explains how a turnover from bad skin cells to good is required for laser wrinkle treatment to be effective. The treatment helps to remove precancerous and unsightly spots and helps to refresh the skin. Dr. Greenberg also took the time to explain the four different types of lasers at his disposal and their specific skin care functions.

Information on laser tattoo removal and some of the common misconceptions surrounding the removal of tattoos and the length of time it takes to completely remove a tattoo were also discussed. Providing this information gives the individual a good idea of what to expect when they decide that it is time to remove a tattoo.

Dr. Greenberg and Las Vegas Dermatology have made informing the public on health issues related to skin care and dermatology their primary business mission and focus. The entirety of the interview and much more useful information can be found on Dr. Greenberg’s business website at The interview can also be heard at