Skin Tightening After Weight Loss—Non-Invasive Viora Technology Comes To Grand Junction, Colorado

As the percent of overweight people in the US has grown, so has the number of people who have managed to loose large amounts of weight with changes in their diet and exercise. Sadly, even after they’ve accomplished weight loss and reclaimed their health, many formerly overweight people are left with loose and sagging skin, or skin with textural changes that were caused by their former weight gain.

In the past, options for treatments for loose skin have been limited to surgical procedures to remove the extra skin, but now there are new, non-invasive options for less severe cases. Dr. Brad A. Case, MD, FACS of Valley Surgical Care & Aesthetics offers state-of-the-art technology to perform minimally invasive surgery and aesthetic procedures in his offices at Valley Surgical Care & Aesthetics, based in Grand Junction, Colorado which are designed to treat loose and sagging skin and provide treatments to improve the texture of skin.

Dr. Case offers a treatment called, Viora ReAction, which administers the ReLift and ReFit procedures as well as total body and facial contouring, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening. ReAction is a non-invasive, all-in-one solution to the most popular medical aesthetic procedures. According to Dr. Case, the treatment is much less invasive and the results can be life changing. He says, “We strive to accommodate our patients and make expediting care a priority when necessary.”

Valley Surgical client M.D. (patient initials used to protect privacy) sought out aesthetic treatment after a weight loss of 70 pounds, “I was skeptical and unsure of possible changes, outcomes and transformations of the areas that I had treatments on but since the treatments – I’ve come to see changes and so have other people as well. Many people have noticed these subtle changes and quite can’t put their finger on what’s different, and this in itself makes me happy. The non-invasive Viora technology that Dr. Case uses in his practice is truly unique in that there is no ‘down time’ with regards to after treatment issues.”

Dr. Case focuses on patient-centered care and works diligently to expedite procedures with local medical facilities when necessary. Stephanie M. enthusiastically shares her about her treatment experience with Dr. Case for scar removal, “I had my first treatment done to remove a big keloid scar on my chest and saw results after just the first treatment.”

In addition to offering Voira ReAction, Valley Surgical Care & Aesthetics has an impressive list of additional state-of-the-art technologies accessible to their clients such as, Voira Trios, Pristine Diamond-Peel Microdermabrasion, the Rejuvapen micro-needling device, and an inventory of superior skin care lines not found in retail stores.

About Dr. Case

Brad A. Case, MD, FACS, has more than 25 years of surgical experience and over a decade of distinguished military service. Dr. Case is highly skilled at performing minimally invasive surgery, general surgery, and diagnostic procedures and is licensed to perform surgeries at most hospitals in the Western Colorado area.

He received his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University, Master’s degree from Georgetown University, Medical degree from Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and completed his General Surgery Residency at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons.

Following medical school Dr. Case entered the U.S. Army Medical Corps. He served in Operation Desert Storm and was awarded the Bronze Star and Valorous Unit Commendation Award. During his 10-year military career he was also stationed in Germany and Korea, as well as bases in the US.

For more information regarding Valley Surgical Care & Aesthetics and surgical/cosmetic procedures offered by Brad A. Case, MD, FACS please visit: Offices are located at 2478 Patterson Rd., Suite 4, Grand Junction, CO 81505. Or, call (970) 773-1946 to schedule a consultation.