Self-Leadership Expert Natalie Jayne Teaches Looking Inward To Create External Success, Global Consciousness

We hear about the fast-paced, frenetic world of international business and trade on almost a daily basis. Coupled with what many observers see as an almost daily increase in the volume and speed of information delivered to the average individual or household, and it seems as though the world is ever speeding up. Some even suggest, given outsourcing and the overall economic and work-life disparity between developed and developing nations that slowing down may lead to a global renaissance of sorts, founded in the belief that the individual’s world view and understanding is more important than a business’s bottom line.

One self-leadership expert is working with her clients to further this inward-looking concept. Natalie Jayne, a published author on the perceptions of free trade and the reality of how free trade regulations (or lack thereof) play out in developing countries, has years of educational experience in spiritual and life coaching, curative hypnotherapy, and metaphysics healing and teaching. In short, Natalie Jayne teaches her clients that the most effective change comes from within, and her clients aren’t the only ones who are paying attention to this new inward movement. Google, long known for its rewarding work environment for its employees, recently began offering employees a work-life course called SIY, or “Search Inside Yourself”. Developed and taught by one of Google’s original engineers, Chade-Meng Tan, the SIY course has a waiting list each time it’s offered throughout the year.

The point behind this course correlates almost seamlessly to Natalie Jayne’s overall objective: “Organizations like MindValley and Google have implemented this inward out alignment and congruence within their business, and this is having a powerful effect inside their business, within their people, with enormous business growth and expansion of their bottom line, and externally they are now reaching millions of people with their message and mission (movement of change),” she stated in a recent interview. “Their mission is a similar philosophy to my own – consciousness engineering combined with proven powerful business strategies equals success (happiness, health, and wealth), all along with a positive global impact.” Natalie Jayne teaches her clients that they themselves must be the movement for the change they seek. “When their businesses are aligned to fundamental business principles that support life and universal, spiritual, or natural law, they put people, the environment, and their consciousness before profit and make love the bottom line, it’s then that they see extraordinary success and the change they wish to see is the result.”

One such client is an educator who has cerebral palsy. She had long been taunted and teased throughout her childhood. This client’s goal was to expand from her work with individual special needs children and children with disabilities to work with many and to have more of a global impact. “So we established a program of consciousness crafting (meditation, visualization and conscious practices), which established a level of inner congruence and true power to be the change,” noted Natalie Jayne. “She kept her vision prominent . . . and we combined this level of inner change and congruence with business principles and strategies that supported her purpose. Today she is living this dream. She is a walking example of be the change and change will be created.”

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