Seasoned Business Development, Sales, and Project Management Expert Ed Bracey Features on Business Innovator Radio

Business Innovator Radio, a popular show that interviews innovators and trendsetters from different industries, was recently graced by the presence of Ed Bracey. Ed boasts of an extraordinary track record in global sales management, customer support, strategic planning, and account management over a period of more than two decades. He is also a successful business analysis coach dedicated to changing people’s lives through his time-tested coaching techniques.

During the discussion with the Business Innovator Radio host Alicia Dibrell, Ed revealed that he served as an officer in the Marine Corps before starting a career in business development. An avid business enthusiast, he has been instrumental in hiring, training, coaching, and counseling numerous successful sales teams. Ed considers his present job to be that of a strategic advisor assisting individuals in crucial crossroads in their personal and professional life.

Ed mentioned that his initial role as a business coach is to find out why an individual is driven towards what they do and what their immediate goals are. In the next step, he builds a strategy to accomplish that immediate goal. Finally, Ed creates other intermediate strategies and distinguishes their goals from the desires.

When asked about his coaching process, Ed said, “First, we have an initial assessment. We need to determine if you’re a client for us and if we’re the coach for you. After that assessment, whether it’s a personal assessment or one for your corporation, your business, I lay out a 90-day plan that we mutually agree to. Once we lay out that plan, there are milestones. There are obligations. We get started on that plan and that’s how we proceed.”

Ed Bracey strongly believes that any talented person may come to a point in life where he or finds it difficult to get to the place they want to be. This is the time when Ed’s coaching can help them make a positive difference in their lives. “If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you’re frustrated, if you feel you don’t have the winning tools to get you where you want to go, my toolbox is large, and we can plan our work from there and then work our plan,” Ed said.   

The show host Alicia Dibrell questioned Ed about a few practices one can implement to overcome their emotional or professional hurdles. According to Ed, determining the source of the problem is one such practice. He also mentioned that the problems stated by his clients are not always the actual problem. Ed conducts detailed interviews and question answer sessions to find out those concealed problems.

Depending on their needs, Ed works with their clients for different durations. He mentioned that his most tenured client has been with him for more than twelve years. In instances where he is not able to provide the best possible support, Ed refers his clients to other coaches that may be able to deliver a more appropriate solution.  

Ed Bracey can be contacted for coaching related inquiries via Facebook or LinkedIn, or his website