Scott Bergman of Brush Strokes Painting on Delivering Quality Customer Service For Homeowners In Denver

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Scott Bergman is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully owned businesses from restaurants to food manufacturers to an executive recruiting firm. The common theme that ran throughout all of them was superior customer service. When he relocated from the East Coast to Denver in 2012, construction was booming and Scott was looking for a business to start. He saw a big gap in the market when it came to high-end service in the painting industry, so he decided to bring his customer-centered business approach to homeowners and businesses in Colorado through Brush Strokes Painting, and his company has been growing ever since. 

His process begins by helping his clients understand the scope of the project. Bergman knows that his customers often need guidance, so Scott and his crew are there to listen and understand exactly what each client wants. Many of his customers are going through big life changes. Some are empty nesters, others are just starting a family. There are others who are recently divorced or relocating for work. All of these factors need to be considered when working with clients. A painting job is never just about the paint, for Scott Bergman, it’s about the people and why they want their home painted.

One way that Brush Strokes Painting ensures superior customer service is through well-trained painters who do excellent work and also take great care in each client’s home. Brush Strokes Painting goes to great lengths to hire painters and train them. They start them off on small projects where Scott and his staff can really see what kind of quality they deliver and how much training they need to get up to his demanding standards. Ensuring that Brush Strokes only employs top quality painters who are highly trained helps to deliver the best experience possible to their clients. 

Understanding your customer or client is one of the most important skills for any business. “As a service provider, it is vital to give clients what they want in order for them to be happy. We do that by actively listening to them and understanding exactly what they have in mind. Having a complete understanding of their needs is how to have that final project turn out the way it’s supposed to. That is how we keep our customers happy,” says Bergman. The process begins with a personalized color consultation. Some clients may want to change every color in the home, while others just want an update. By meeting one-on-one with each client, Scott Bergman’s company can ensure that every person gets exactly what they need. From the color palette and paint quality to addressing air quality concerns from VOCs, it’s important to start with this consultation.

Scott Bergman’s company’s residential painting in Denver is informed by and benefits from the extensive commercial work they also do. Because they paint and apply wall coverings to luxury properties, restaurants, and hotels, Brush Strokes has mastered a wide range of techniques that go beyond simply painting walls. These techniques include applying a variety of wall coverings, numerous painting styles, and also painting murals, chalkboards, calendars, and whiteboards right on the wall. They provide more options for residential customers from playrooms to kitchens to offices. Whatever a customer needs to make a particular room more functional and beautiful, Brush Strokes Painting can deliver.

Brush Strokes Painting provides support for clients every step of the way. They formulate a plan for getting the space ready to paint, whether it is one room or the whole house, inside and outside. They look at the furniture, rugs, and art that need to be moved or protected. To ensure that Brush Strokes Painting can care for their employees and protect their clients, they carry high-level insurance policies. This helps protect clients’ valuable assets. In addition, it ensures a top-notch workforce. Their painters are the life of the company. 

Brush Strokes Painting matches every service to the needs of the client. No two jobs are ever alike because it takes personalized service every time. All of this produces service that shines above the rest. It is no surprise that most of their clients come through referrals. 

Providing the best service means Brush Strokes Painting takes the necessary time to complete each job to the client’s satisfaction. When painting the exterior of homes, weather is a consideration. During the colder months in Colorado, some days there may be only a handful of hours that are warm enough to successfully apply paint that will last. Since leading up to the holidays and into the warmer spring and summer months are popular times for clients to want their homes painted, it is important to plan ahead and schedule well in advance so that crews are available. Scott does his best to accommodate last-minute requests but won’t compromise service or quality. Bergman knows that doing each job correctly while providing for his existing customers is his first consideration.

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