San Diego Drone Company Acquires New Integrated Aerial Zoom Camera

Camera is the most powerful on the market enabling detailed views of objects.

Code 3 Media,C3M,  a Southern California aerial media photography company, has recently acquired a new Zenmuse Z30 camera. This will allow 30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x views from above.  The ability to get a detailed look provides Code 3 Media clients in the agriculture, industrial, public safety, cinema and training fields.

C3M drone’s assists in building projects.  Construction companies and architects deploy C3M drone operators to capture video and data in a way that allows them to measure and report progress. C3M generates a high quality map of elevation, contour, topography,and  3D models. With their new camera, measurements including distance, area and volume are available to clients instantly.

C3M’s other cameras bring mutli-spectral imaging for agriculture mapping allowing effective management of crops and soil. The multi-spectral imaging technology uses green, red, red-edge and near infrared wavebands to capture both visible and invisible images of crops and vegetation. The aerial data collected help in a farming technique called precision agriculture. The images provide information to understanding and estimating crop yield, health and weed status, as well as monitoring and targeting water and fertilizer distribution and application.

Code 3 Media’s best use of the new Zenmuse Z30 camera will be used for industrial inspections, security, and search and rescue.  “The camera allows us to fly safely from a distance but capture close detailed images of just about anything”, states Chris Marquart, Owner and Operator of Code 3 Media, “ This is especially beneficially during fire season in Southern California providing an invaluable tool to fire departments”.

With the Zenmuse Z30 camera, covering large areas can take minutes rather than hours for search and rescue situations. Access to places that helicopters can not get to are open with drones.  The ability to know when and where to send people and resources with levels of safety and efficiency are now possible with the information captured by the drones and camera.

Code 3 Media also  has services in photography and editing as well as videography for both private and for commercial use. For more information on Code 3 Media or their use of the Zenmuse Z30 camera and drones, please go to or call: (760) 621-3930

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