Ryan Lashlee San Diego Precious Metals Expert | Using Silver To Help Build Personal Wealth

Ryan Lashlee San Diego Precious Metals Expert says, “Silver acquisition and holdings enable an individual to set and meet their wealth management goals, and can set a sound foundation for day-to-day support and the future.”

Doing this properly can set the stage for their living situation and overall standard of living. Much of this depends on the individual’s overall financial position and liquidity as they embark on their journey of relying on silver as the standard for their asset acquisition and retention strategy.

Silver is a valuable metal in which to invest. Although most silver coins do not contain enough actual pure silver to honestly be called silver, they are politely still called silver. Pure silver is considered something which is .999% silver. Coins and even some costly table silver no longer meet that standard. Instead, certificates and shares of stock representing actual silver exist to enable investors to invest in silver.

This type of economy, which is no longer backed up by real, physical silver, makes some investors nervous about the value of the commodity that backs up their investments.

This uncertainty is further exacerbated when the financial estate of an individual is backed up solely by assets consisting of silver. Because silver is used for dining implements, objects d’art, decorations, and medical-field implements rather than day-to-day necessities, the market for silver is not as stable as it is for a substance with greater demand such as wood or iron.

Investors should take care when investing in silver that they purchase enough to provide a stable means of financial support in the future; otherwise, other investments may better suit their needs.

Because silver is not a high-demand item and because it is not capable of being mass-produced inexpensively, the market for silver is more volatile than it needs to be to accommodate the needs of an individual relying on its proceeds for support.

If that person requires the yield from their investment in silver to pay a caregiver for services and to fund the individual’s care, silver in an insufficient quantity will probably not meet those needs. This would be considered an under-performing investment, one insufficient to cover the expenses it was intended to take care of.

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