Rochester SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski Interviewed For The Brian Tracy Show

Andrew Wroblewski of, an online marketing firm, was recently featured on the Brian Tracy Show as an authority on search engine optimization and “marketing systemics”. Brian Tracy is an internationally recognized speaker, author, having spoken to millions of people around the globe and personally responsible to helping over 5,000,000 people reach their goals over his career. He has consulted with more than 1,000 companies and given over 5,000 talks worldwide.

Mr. Tracy was impressed with some of the statistics shared by Andrew as he exhibited data and results of the over 50,000 first page rankings that he and his team have been able to achieve for their clients in the last few years.

The interview concluded with a question posed by Mr. Tracy that asked what business owners could do and should do to move their businesses forward in these uncertain economic times, with Mr. Wroblewski answering: “there is no better time than now for any business to go out and completely dominate their market. What most businesses do not recognize is that many of their competitors have cut back on their search engine marketing and advertising budgets. In doing so, they have literally “retreated” and left vast portions of market share open to be gobbled up by those forward thinking and proactive business owners. At this time, it is possible to buy 2014 market share at 2004 prices.

The show is scheduled to air on most NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates across the country.

In advance of it’s national release, the interview can be seen here: