Robert Williams – Pay Per Click Expert Helps Bail the Bail Bonds Industry: Cutting Their Online Advertising Costs by 20% or More

Robert Williams, a San Diego, California native and current resident, joined the United States Air Force as a young man aged 19. He attained a degree in medical imaging technology and worked in the medical industry for some years.

While working overseas in Saudi Arabia, he spent time working alongside, now retired Canadian Search Engine Pioneer, James Colbert, learning the intricacies of Search Engines and Pay Per Click Advertising. Together they collaborated on one of the first privately owned Pay Per Click Search Engines, which they sold soon after for a handsome profit.

Upon his return to the United States, he decided to focus full-time on Search Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising in order to help small to medium sized businesses get more customers online at a much lower cost.

According to Robert, “The problem for a lot of Pay Per Click Advertisers is that they don’t keep current with updates, penalties, best practices in addition to following Google’s Quality Score Guidelines for Adwords. Subsequently, they get penalized, which means higher ad costs or higher Pay Per Click costs. By following the quality score guidelines, best practices and staying current, all the while making applicable modifications as needed, up to 28% or more can be saved on each click. And that for some advertisers can be a five figure savings a month.”

Mr. Williams specializes in doing Pay Per Click Advertising for the bail bond industry. He is a Google Adwords Certified Professional. “I love the fact that I’m reducing costs for my clients and I’m being rewarded for helping them. That’s an incentive for me to save them as much as I can,” he says.

Robert only works with a few select clients, providing highly personalized services. Business owners have direct access to him and their needs are taken care of right away. His fees are covered with a percentage of the savings he creates for his clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising through Google is a critical, key marketing strategy for bail bondsmen. People usually search on their phones for a bail bondsman to call for help and they typically click on the paid ads to find someone. This type of advertising tends to be expensive for the bail bondsmen.

Mr. Williams can cut their ad costs by twenty to thirty percent on average. Using his expertise while staying current with best practices, he helps them avoid the pitfalls and penalties that unnecessarily increase ad costs.

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