Reputation Management Expert In Lancaster, PA Helping Wedding Professionals

Online reputation management expert, Eric Godfrey of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has launched services to help wedding businesses across the country to improve their online reputation, build positive reputation and market that to prospective customers. He has been involved in the wedding industry for nearly 35 years and has run several successful companies during that time. He has also served in management positions with several Fortune 500 companies during that time in technical and marketing positions. His Lancaster Pennsylvania based business is called LSAME which stands for Local Search and Marketing Experts.

LSAME was started to assist small to medium sized businesses with their Internet marketing needs. He explains, “Many small business owners are too busy with giving great service to their customers and simply don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with social media, Internet marketing, and management of their online reputation. Unfortunately, most come to us after they’ve had problems with online reviews. We can help those business owners, but just like running their own business, it’s better to be proactive and build a customer service friendly environment that breeds positive reviews and then naturally reap the benefits of a positive reputation.”

Recent studies have shown that when referred to a company, 87 percent of people go online to get information about that company before they decide if they’ll even call the company. That’s a staggering number that is growing daily and that’s why it’s so important that local businesses pay very close attention to their online reputation. It can mean the difference in customers flocking to their company or going to their competitors.

Business owners are also customers of other businesses and they need to think about their company in that way. So, when seeing a company with bad reviews or very few reviews, they will most likely opt to call a different business that has lots of positive reviews. As the business owner, the question is, are they seeing great reviews talking in a positive manner about their company? If not then they need to fix that.

Marketing has changed drastically over the years, but especially over the last few years. Owners used to build a website, and then possibly advertise to bring customers to it. But today, before they find that new website, they’ll see their reviews or even competitors reviews directly on the front page of the search engines. Owners need to be aware of what their reviews are saying. Are they positive? Are they negative? Are there any showing at all?

The Internet and online marketing is constantly changing. Current trends show that about 50% of the time spent on the Internet is now spent watching videos. Most people know that Google is the number one search engine but not everyone knows that YouTube is actually the second most used search engine. In this past year mobile phone usage increased to the point that more than half of the time spent on the Internet is through mobile phones. Internet visitors find video content much more engaging and it is rewarded through search engine rankings.

A website or page with a video is more than 50 times more likely to achieve a front page ranking then one without. In order to compete, business owners need to add video content to their site. Most business owners got into business because they love what they do and want to provide that service to someone else. Most of those individuals are not versed in video production and social media distribution. Trying to build, manage and maintain reputation found all over the Internet is extremely difficult and time consuming.

When asked how LSAME helps business owners in this areas, Godfrey stated, “We monitor almost all of the Internet review sites and immediately notify the business owner whenever a review is posted. More importantly, we develop a customer interface for them to seek reviews from their customers and an interface so the customer can easily post that review to online review sites. We do monthly studio quality videos with Spokesmodels who highlight the reviews of the business. We distribute these videos across the Internet and to all social media platforms and the website of the business so they constantly have updated content. We also offer press release services for any awards a company might win in addition to industry or local acknowledgments they might receive. This gives the company the ability to have all of this taken care of and concentrate on servicing their customers. We work with a large group of national experts so that we can offer these services at a reduced rate keeping it affordable for small business.”

For those that want to learn more they can go to where they can learn about their new BETA Program to help small and medium sized businesses in building positive reputations online or they can call at (717) 327-4742.

About LSAME (Local Search & Marketing Experts)

LSAME or Local Search and Marketing Experts helps business owners to build and maintain a positive reputation. Through promotional videos, reputation marketing videos and press releases they provide monthly content, social media updates, and awareness for companies.