Redhead Express Promotes Music On YouTube’s Video Review

They’re all sisters and every one of them a redhead. They are the Redhead Express and they are what country music is all about.
This awe-inspiring country quartet brings their talents to YouTube to share their love of music with its billions of viewers. Redhead Express is excited to launch their songs and share with the world their unique style and country talent.

Because of their great love for music, the whole family decided to sell their dream home in Alaska, buy an RV, and head for the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains, where they performed wherever they could get booked. Soon after, they were offered a job to play in Branson, Missouri, doing 6 to 12 shows a week! “This is what we called our college education,” smiled Apryll Walker, the girls’ mother.

The 4 girls work closely with American record producer, Paul Worley, who compared them to country greats like The Dixie Chicks and Alison Krauss. “Originality and talent is what the Redhead Express offers. This is the kind of music that comes from the artist, and that is what I love most about them,” Worley stated.

Each day they trained, wrote, arranged, and practiced, practiced, practiced! This is what they refer to as ‘Artist Development’ , as they molded and shaped themselves into their own unique sound. Kendra, LaRae, Alisa, and Meghan wondered when they would be ready for the studio. Paul Worley said to them in a rehearsal, “One day the magic will happen and we’ll all know it will be time.”

Well, the magic had happened and that time has come! The Redhead Express has recorded 6 Songs, and the sound is definitely very much the ‘Redhead Express’. Their sound is a combination of acoustic country mixed with modern, and a traditional rootsy twist. It is a mix of sweet family harmony with deep emotion and, at times, thought provoking. “I look for a really good singer with a real personality. In this case‒ singers,” said Worley in a YouTube interview.

Worley described the sisters as having “angelic sounds” when they sing. They believe that God knew what he was doing when he put these 4 sisters together. Each sister has their own unique voice with an amazing, rich sound when it all comes together. They have had years of performing American Roots Music with their family, which has set these sisters to take on the country music scene in Nashville. The Redhead Express stays busy with performances all across the country. One of their highlights is opening their shows with The National Anthem. Kendra said, “It’s sort of our way of showing appreciation for our country and those who are serving her.”

This unique country quartet has been working together for the last 7 years, and confides that they have grown much closer as they overcome struggles and discover each others’ roles in the band. “Music has a way of breaking down barriers of race, opinion, and religion. All those things that people get caught up in, but they can always agree on music,” Kendra added. It definitely looks like the Redhead Express is headed to the top.

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