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Prior to establishing her coaching business The Inner Peace Revolutionist, Regena (Rosa Celeste) Ozeryansky was, and still is, a real estate investor, active Realtor, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, EF Trainer, and Soul Language practitioner. Rookie Realtor the Year, she takes pride in her work and in supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams with more peace and ease.

Changing the way, the world experiences inner peace, she works with individuals and families to help them create transformation through wealth (specifically with real estate education and asset allocation), health with yoga, meditation and spiritual awareness, aligning them with their life’s mission and purpose.

Marrying her commitment to the public through real estate, and her love for supporting people to live more authentically, Regena offers a range of programs and services including group yoga classes, private yoga instruction, transformation coaching and energy healing through Reiki. She now also works with; what she calls the Soul Language Journey and supports conscious men and women in leading with their Soul’s mission on earth and helps facilitate that process. She spreads her message and her work across the globe via in person as well as thru online classes, courses workshops and retreats.

Regena specializes in helping her students and clients get unstuck and move through fear, supporting them in living more purposefully, and passionately. Whether it’s on a mat, in a private session, in a classroom, or out in the field showing property, Regena is committed to helping conscious men, women and families achieve the results they wish to acquire. She enjoys collaborating and working with companies that support the same vision and mission. Her mission is to help others reclaim their Inner Peace in all circumstances. She is the Founder of the Inner Peace Revolution Journey, an expansive journey into Inner Peace with a simple, step by step process helping support people’s transformation and return to Inner Peace consistently and effectively, no matter what’s happening around them. 

Conversation with Regena Rosa Celeste Ozeryansky

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background as “The Inner Peace Revolutionist”?

I’ve been called “The Inner Peace Revolutionist” because I’ve centered my life around teaching people how to find their inner peace, no matter what is going on in the world. Inner peace is a movement and it’s a choice. It’s something that when we get into the space of gratitude, high vibration and high frequency, we can really live with more inner peace in our lives than we’ve ever experienced before. This (delete But it) does take a willingness and it takes intention so it’s a practice, just like yoga or meditation. Anything that we do with intention becomes, I think, a practice or a movement and so the inner peace movement for me, it’s about being radical with the topic, claiming and declaring “we want peace” is really a revolution.

At this time, I feel that the world and humanity needs to get a grip and frankly, to get their heads on straight—all of us. We need to do what we came here to do. We need to be lightworkers. We need to be, as I call it (thank you to my teachers, you know who you are), Missionaries of Consciousness. I really feel that we’re here to make a difference for the world and for one another. We need to do the work, which means all the stuff that didn’t work and unfortunately all the dirt underneath the rug is now coming up. It’s pretty awful to look at and it isn’t pretty. Sometimes it’s really hard for people to digest that there is this much greed in the world and that there is so much darkness, but there’s so much light at the same time.

How did you become The Inner Peace Revolutionist?

I had a vision in my mind of a group of “Missionaries of Consciousness” all holding hearts. We come armed with hearts with love. My journey to where I’m at now was not pretty and was quite destructive and very painful. I had to literally go to the depths of darkness in myself. I call it my dark night of the soul, and I went there not just once, but twice. I got to a point where I didn’t want to be here anymore. Just last year I was in a really, really dark place. I had a lot of self-judgment and criticism of myself the first time it happened in 2014, and the second time it happened again was just last year. 

When it showed up again last year, I asked myself, what is it that I need to learn for this not to happen again? I was in so much pain, and I didn’t know why. I had a loving family. Yes, my parents were ill, but it wasn’t anything different than other people go through. Everybody’s parents age. By most people’s standards, I had a pretty good life. I had money in the bank. I had lots of friends. I had community. I had relationships. I had all the things normal people have, and yet there was a part of me that was so unhappy and hurting for the world. 

I felt like I didn’t have the skills to be the person I’m supposed to be to help others. (That said, “Be careful what you wish for because you always get it!”) I am so humbled and grateful, grateful that I actually got what I needed since then, which was the tools and the confidence and the deep feeling of worthiness to be able to do what I do now, which is support people going through dark times in their life. I went through that fear, through that place in myself where I didn’t feel that I belonged. Sometimes I look around and I’m like, “What is this circus? This is what we call life?” Life’s not perfect, life’s not easy, however, we can create the joy and the magic and the passion that we want. 

The big secret is, it’s never “out there.” It’s not a person. It’s not a job. It’s not more money in the bank. There are people who have more money than some, but they’re miserable. There are people who have less money, but they’re happy.

I think that’s one of the biggest traps that we put ourselves in as humans, when we convince ourselves that “IT” (the missing IT) is out there, because it’s never out there. I really believe everything that’s going on right now with what we’re experiencing in our world is really an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to lift the veil from all the things in our lives that aren’t working and to show us all the things in our lives that are.

You’re saying that the truth is that peace is not outside of ourselves? Can you bust the myth that our happiness is dependent upon outside factors?

That’s the question of our lifetime, right? How do we define happiness? How do we access it? Because everybody wants it. And when you ask people, what do they want they’ll tell you they want a thing, right? They’ll tell you they want a better job, or they’ll tell you I want a relationship, or I want this or that. But what they really want is what they think that thing is going to bring them.

Around the time I had that original meditation and vision of a group of “Missionaries of Consciousness,” I was in a great relationship, but I wasn’t happy. I had a job, but I wasn’t happy. I had a business, but I wasn’t happy. Every time I would look at my life and feel unhappy, I noticed that it was me, I was the common denominator. 

When I started doing yoga, I learned that the peace I was seeking, the happiness I was missing, was inside of me. The myth is that it’s going to come from another source, or it’s going to come from the next thing, because there’s always going to be a next thing. But the truth is, it’s an internal job. It’s our own work. Until someone chooses to be happy, they’re never going to be happy.

When thinking about our life and judging ourselves, we need to remember first and foremost, we’re human, and we’re designed to experience life. So, we’re going to make mistakes. It’s not if we make mistakes, we’re going to, so it’s better that we’re prepared to make those mistakes and have a safe place to recover. My place is on the yoga mat. Right now, we all need community, we need each other. It’s really important that when these excuses and self-sabotage come up, that we have someone to help say to us, “Hey, that’s an excuse” and call us out on our stuff. When people say they want something, how bad do they really want it? Because if you say you want something and then it shows up, and you keep resisting and you keep pushing it back, it’s really important to ask yourself, what is it that I’m allowing to block me?

They’re usually excuses. Ask yourself, is there anything in this current situation that I’m making an excuse for? When I find excuses, I’m making to myself, I get to ask, what do I want to do with this now? I can choose to change the story I’m telling myself.

For example, I thought I would be married by 40. I’m 39 and my wedding dress is hanging in my closet. I’m okay with it. Sure, I cried. I was sad, blah, blah, blah. But that was a story, right? I didn’t need to make it about me. I got really clear in my mind and in my heart after we called off the wedding that I made the right decision by not moving forward. And I don’t regret it. I am beyond happy that I didn’t do it. Does it mean that I wanted it to go that way? No, but the truth is, I only have control over what I have control over.

That’s what I think we’re all here to do—we’re all here to shed all the crap out of our systems and out of our lives that doesn’t serve us. It starts with the simple things. It starts with going through your closet, if there’s shirt that you don’t like, or you put on a pair of pants and you don’t like the way it feels. Donate it. If there’s a picture that every time you look at it, it brings up memories of a bad relationship, get rid of the picture. It becomes easier to let things go with practice, letting go of the past and not fearing for the future.

You know, it’s “crazy sh-t,” going on right now. It’s like those storms. But those storms carry important lessons that teach us what is really important and what needs to just go away.

How should someone reach out to you if they want to work with you?

There are lots of different ways to connect and work with me. I do yoga, energy work, reiki, meditation, I call it my menu of services. I love the work I do. I am working on building an online platform and right now I’m working on creating online yoga classes. Online yoga is something you don’t have to leave home to do. I think that’s something that many people are learning right now, that all the things they used to do, all of their socialization, can be done from home. Just imagine, everyone can keep doing yoga practice online and then how happy they’ll be when they finally can go back out into the world. So, this time is really a time of going in, finding your internal peace within yourself, and understanding that your happiness isn’t on the outside of you. It’s really like a metaphor for an internal peace revolution.

The best way to contact me is to text the word “YOGA” to 64600. I’m offering a free gift on how to access internal peace at any moment. Go to the free gift tab, and you’ll get a download of one of my very favorite podcast appearances that I did. I get pretty vulnerable and raw in that episode as well.

I really feel part of the revolution is inviting people to join the Inner Peace Revolution. The more inner peace we have, individually, the more peace we’re going to create in the world. Because if I’m suffering, I can’t help anybody. If I’m too busy yelling, I’m the problem. Right? It’s all in how we react. So, and I’ll be the first to raise my hand. There’s been plenty of times even recently, where I wasn’t behaving very well. I understand why. Because I’m human. I’m not saying you’re never going to be upset. I’m not saying you’re never going to be angry. But what the beautiful thing about the inner peace revolution is we are creating a stand for people’s inner peace.

Right now, I’m working with other leaders in the industry and we’re putting together a curriculum to teach people these skills because everybody needs inner peace. I really feel collectively, each one of us is responsible for our own happiness. If I do a good job, and I’m happy and you’re happy, then we create a ripple effect in the world. That’s really what the world needs is more peace, more happiness, and it all starts with one person.


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