Realtypath Real Estate Brokerage ‘Rising Star’ Grows 83% In The First Two Months Of 2014

Realtypath, a Utah based real estate brokerage has seen unprecedented growth the first two months of 2014 as hundreds of agents transfer their licenses to their company.

Founded in 2009, Realtypath has not only grown each year in the number of agents who work there, but also in the total number of transactions.  Their agents are enjoying increased referrals from both current and past clients because of the many internal marketing systems available.

When asked why agents are deciding to join Realtypath in such large numbers, Co-founder Wyatt Christensen said “We believe that the more closings our agents have, the less they should have to pay in management and brokerage fees.  Because of this simple idea, we attract successful and very experienced agents to our company.”

Shauna Jorgensen shares her experience as an agent-“My husband and I came to Realtypath over three years ago, and we have been more than pleased with all that Realtypath has offered us. All the classes, training and CE courses are great!- And they haven’t cost us one single dime.”

During this period of growth in their ranks, they’ve also opened several new offices in 2014, bringing their total to 6 locations along the Wasatch Front to better service the public and their agents.

Each office has weekly sales and marketing meetings to help new and existing agents learn skills and habits that will help them provide better service and deliver better result for their clients.

Now that real estate tours and tools are available via the internet, many companies are flooding the market with new programs or systems to more effectively bring this information to potential buyers and sellers.

“We believe in helping our agents not only be educated and professional in their business, but to also provide them with the best tools and technology available-at any company.  I believe our training and support staff are second to none”, said Don Zimmerman, Principal Broker with Realtypath.

Zimmerman continued, “I’ve been involved in the real estate industry for over 25 years and when I saw where Realtypath was headed and how they wanted to change the way agents did business, I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

Given the large number of agents who move their licenses each month and join Realtypath, it looks like he’s not alone in his assessment.

For more information about Realtypath, call 801-386-5908 or visit their website