Realtor Chris Stapleton Discusses The Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Chris Stapleton is the proud owner of his own real estate company, which he founded over 10 years ago. His purpose in creating Chris Stapleton Realty was to better serve the Northwest Florida and South Alabama real estate markets in 2003. While he is known for his expertise in commercial properties, Chris is better recognized for his dedication to his customers, the quality service his company provides and his community involvement. It is the satisfaction and success of his many clients that means the most to him. Hardly anyone can live in the Navarre area and not know of Chris. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home or commercial property in Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Milton or Pace, Chris is the one to call!

Chris advises buyers and sellers both to be diligent before hiring a residential or commercial real estate agent or making any major property decision. Chris says that “always do research before making a purchase – the Internet is you’re most valuable resource.” It’s true. Buyers and sellers have access to information before they even step out of their house. There are simply no reasons to make an ill-informed decision in this day and age, when all you need to know is just a click away. Chris advises using an MLS site for your research, although sites such as Zillow and Trulia are popular and user friendly; they don’t necessarily have the most accurate information. Below the article are links to sites Chris uses in his area for research.

Chris Stapleton’s area of expertise is commercial real estate. In his expert opinion, buying commercial real estate has many benefits. For one, you will not be subject to having a landlord, and even if you have a lease you are still not in control of the property. Moreover, if you decide to move locations one day (which in itself poses many problems) you do not recoup all that money you gave the landlord over time. If you invest in commercial real estate however, it is your property and once the investment is paid off, and you can lease the building or sell it. Your investment is suddenly paying dividends that you can possibly use for retirement. This, Chris says, is smart investing.

After a decade in the business, Chris believes that real estate in Northwest Florida is overall on an upswing. During our interview, he said more than once that “we are currently in a buyers’ market, and so commercial properties right now are a great investment.” Residential real estate is also popular right now, but with one exception. New housing codes where implemented in 2006, so now any property predating that time needs work to meet the mandatory requirements. Sellers are finding selling “older” homes troubling, because buyers are now looking at newer homes that have been built with these codes in mind. While it can be a challenge to sell your older home right now, this is where Chris’s industry experience comes in. Chris Stapleton and his team are undaunted by this challenge and will work with you – whether you are a buyer or a seller – to get your best price.

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