Real Estate Professional, Angela Pickett Ensures Her Clients Success With Her Exclusive Home Selling Blueprint Package

When it comes to selling real estate there is an overwhelming amount of information available to consumers. In less than 33 seconds, a Google search of ‘selling real estate’ returned over 435,000,000 entries, so how does today’s consumer know what information is best for them?

“Real estate can have a lot of twist, turns and surprises if you are not careful,” says Angela Pickett, an award winning Real Estate Professional and creator of The Home Selling Blueprint.

A typical real estate transaction can have upwards of 20 or more people working with sellers and buyers to ensure all parts of the process are complete. This includes marketing the property, showing potential buyers, negotiating contracts, working with inspectors, appraising the home, ensuring financing, and researching the title. For the typical consumer, this can create a tremendous amount of confusion.

During her rookie season as a Real Estate Agent, Angela quickly discovered how dazed and confused home sellers could become so she went to work and created The Home Selling Blueprint. Angela’s blueprint is a complete road map of the entire process that gives her clients peace of mind and confidence their home will get sold. She credits her clients and The Home Selling Blueprint for her success that helped her earn the 2010 Keller Williams Realty (Southeast Region – TN, GA, AL) Rookie of the Year Award.

“People want to know that you care. People want to know that you have a plan and they want to have clarity about how the process works,” says Pickett.

Angela’s Home Selling Blueprint walks a seller through every part of the transaction from beginning to end. Her associates refer to her as the Loretta Lynn of Real Estate because of her humble beginnings in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky among the coal mining industry. The middle of seven children, Angela understands the value of a dollar and what that means to her clients.

“I like pretty, sparkly things, but what I really appreciate are the free things in life…a glorious sunset, rainy nights under a tin roof, God’s handy work in nature, the smell of babies, the sound of the ocean and the power of music. I believe in hard work, dreams coming true, and that you reap what you sow,” says Pickett.

When asked about her Blueprint, Angela said she created the plan to educate and empower her clients. She added that the Blueprint helps them see the big picture as well as walking them step by step through the entire process.

“When I meet with a client that wants to sell their home, we review The Home Selling Blueprint together. At the end of the meeting, we have all of their questions answered and they have a clear vision of what to expect. We take all of the guess work out of selling a home,” she adds.

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