Real Estate Investing Expert TC Bradley Leads “New Breed” Real Estate Investors Who Are Doing Their Part To Solve the Nation’s Housing Crisis

Small Business Trendsetters Feature-In the midst of this current chaos in the real estate market is a group of private real estate investors led by  nationally-known authors and Founders of, TC and Vickie Bradley, and their right hand man, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Army combat veteran, JL Ferren, are providing a beacon of hope to both homeowners who need to sell and to home buyers who want to buy but are currently prevented from doing so because of the current economy.

Compounding the problem for homeowners trying to sell is the fact that the credit markets have tightened up in the last couple of years, and there is even talk about 20 percent down payments again becoming the standard for getting a mortgage. For the homeowner who needs to sell in this current market, the pool of potential buyers who are actually able to qualify for a mortgage has been greatly diminished.

Responding to this problem is a private investment group of ‘New Breed Real Estate Investors’ who are investing all over the country and solving problems that both home seller and home buyers are facing today.

“We are real estate investors not real estate agents. Our specialized knowledge and unique marketing strategies enable us to sell our investment properties very fast because we operate in the ‘Problem Credit Buyer’ market which is where all the fish are,” said Bradley.

“Tapping into that problem credit buyer market and helping those good people become homeowners is key to selling a home fast in this current real estate market” said Bradley.

“One of our private investors, Erin Dykstra, recently completed 4 deals in the month of December, with 1 closing the day before Christmas! We are experiencing successes just like that all across the country.” said investor JL Ferren.

History is repeating itself according to Bradley. “In the early 80’s we saw Creative Owner Financing strategies being used because the interest rates were so high. Now, we are seeing a resurgence of these strategies being successfully utilized by homeowners to sell their currently unsellable homes in today’s market.”