Real Estate Expert Deda Myhre Guides Consumers Through The Home Inspection Process

Top-producing Realtor, Deda Myhre, an agent with CBSHOME Real Estate, has been a standout among professional realtors in Nebraska for over fourteen years. In this article, she emphasizes the importance of home inspections and how buyers and sellers can better understand this critical step in the transaction process.

After many interstate moves within a 15 year period due to her husband’s work, Deda Myhre was exposed to various aspects of the real estate business. She recalls, “I got very good at preparing a home for sale and working through the process so I decided I could make a living doing it as a real estate agent.” Myhre adds, “My father had also been in the industry for over 35 years in a small Nebraska town so I had a deep understanding of what it took to be successful.”

Myhre made that decision over 14 years ago and has not looked back. With over 300 transactions under her belt, she is now one of Omaha’s most knowledgeable and reliable agents. When asked what she saw as a challenge to home buyers and sellers in her area, Myhre responded, “One of the biggest hurdles buyers and sellers face in the contract process is negotiating through the home inspection.”

When asked to elaborate, Myhre says, “It is clear that consumers understand the importance of a home inspection, but it is also evident that they may not be absolutely clear of its purpose.  It is so important for real estate agents to lay the foundation for expectations concerning the home inspection.” Myhre continues, “A home inspector is well versed in all areas of a home’s makeup, but they are not necessarily certified or experts in each and every facet. This may be a misconception on behalf of buyers.  The inspector’s job is to give an overview of the condition of the home based on brief inspections of all components.”

Myhre emphasizes, “This is very specifically spelled out in the inspection agreement for any ASHI certified inspector. They are mainly trying to identify the visible and apparent condition of the major systems in the home at the time of the inspection and inform the buyer of any items that may be considered major defects or safety issues.”

It is no secret that consumers are often frustrated with the home inspection process. Deda Myhre explains what happens in some cases, “Many times the suggestion for further evaluation is recommended by the inspector to verify the true condition of a component. This can lead to frustration for both the buyer and the seller because it means more time and money to get to the root of the problem.” Myhre reminds everyone, “But the home inspection is a ‘visual’ overview and is not meant to be a complete technical report. Considering the amount of items they inspect and report on, the inspection summary can be long and complicated and often, overwhelming to the buyer and seller.”

On the one hand, Myhre explains, “Many buyers feel the seller should be obligated to repair, replace or bring up to code any and all items listed. Sellers, on the other hand, may not have any idea the scope of items that will show up on a report as they may not have ever gone through such a thorough inspection of their home – especially if they have owned it for some time.”

This results in a rather unique situation. “Often the response from a seller to a buyer asking for a variety of repairs is that they have lived in the home as it is for years without any problem and the buyer should be willing to take the home as it is,” Myhre continues. ” While this may be true, it doesn’t excuse the need to address the safety or major defect issues that arise, some attributed to a lack of general maintenance. This is usually where the difficulty in negotiating begins.”

When asked if there is any kind of solution to this challenge, Myhre replied, “Both sides need to understand that no home will be in perfect condition and the home inspector’s job is to use their experience and knowledge to give an overview of the homes condition while pointing out areas that may need to be further addressed.” She then summarizes, “A little education and a clear set of expectations for the buyer and seller on the scope and purpose of a home inspection may lead to smoother negotiations when the inspection is complete.”

Wise words indeed from a woman that knows her stuff. Anyone wishing to learn more about Deda Myhre or her services can reach her through her website at: or by calling her directly at (402) 697-4536.