Real Estate Expert Billy Alt Shares His Insights on Business Innovators Radio

From the Marine Corps to Real Estate to Entrepreneurship, Billy Alt shares his journey as host Alicia Dibrell-Williams interviews him on Business Innovators Radio. More specifically, the discussion consisted on Billy’s wisdom about the real estate industry as he shared his thoughts and perspectives on the Las Vegas market. Billy is educated in every aspect of real estate given that he has been in the industry for the past thirteen years. During that time, Billy has scouted across the Las Vegas area as he formed a team of professionals to ensure that his company would be one of the best.

Billy is familiar with every type of real estate investment and ensures that he will not let his clients fail. He shared that at times, the investments that look good on paper, may not actually meet his client’s investment goals whether they are short term or long term. Billy helps first time home buyers, real estate agents and even experienced investors. The information he can provide is not something that will be in your investment 101 books. It is knowledge that can only be learned through experience and success in the industry, both which Billy possess.

Aside from his passion in real estate, Billy never forgets about his time served in the Marine Corps before he found the real estate industry. Billy has a big heart and this is reflected through his actions as he works with the community, using his real estate expertise, to provide homes for veterans in the area. During his discussion with Alicia, Billy shared about the opportunity he had to hand over the keys to a Vietnam Veteran, Bronze Star, Double Purple Heart award winner who had never owned a home. Even better, he handed him the keys mortgage free. Billy works hard to give back to the community in any way he can and has helped out many other veterans throughout his career.

Billy is a trustworthy man who is in the industry to help others. He advises everyone to be smart with their money and always do the numbers backwards before jumping in. Also, Billy stresses the exit strategy with his clients as well as during his interview. He says, always be looking for a way out of the investment before you jump in. There is no secret formula to real estate investments according to Billy because everyone’s goals are different. Some people wish to make more money than others therefore, the options for investments are different as well as the criteria of the available properties. As mentioned, Billy is knowledgeable in every type of property and financing option. In fact, Billy was awarded as one of the top 40 under 40 Young Professionals and received a distinction in Seven Magazine for excellence in Real Estate being named one of the top eight realtors in the valley.

Billy Alt is welcoming of all clients and will fill in any knowledge that may be unfamiliar to ensure that you make the best decision for your desired outcome. To contact Billy, you may email him at, visit his website at or call him at 702-250-1090.

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