Real Estate Coaches Rick And Lisa Donner Release New Book

“The Real Estate Success Formula, 19 Proven Strategies to Make Money In Real Estate!” is set for release this month by Real Estate Coaches, Rick and Lisa Donner. When they first kicked off their Real Estate Investing business, Rick and Lisa researched the market on how to break into rescuing foreclosures and mailed out postcards and got only one response.  Being very ignorant as beginners, they did a “table top closing” and made a number of mistakes. In the end, however, they rescued the owner from a terrible situation and turned a handsome profit on their very first deal. Their client even wrote them a thank you letter, praising Rick and Lisa for how they helped him. Another time, they ordered and mailed a marketing piece and the printer made a rather humorous error with letters trailing off the page. This, too, netted only one interested prospect. In their new exciting book, they detail the principles of how this and other deals like it netted them dramatic profits.

Rick is originally from western Pennsylvania, worked as a welder out of high school until age 28. He then went to college, graduated with major in Accounting and minor in Economics – a “thinker-brain.” Rick eventually moved to SW Florida, and opened his own CPA practice. Rick had always been single until he met Lisa, a self-employed, single mom of 3 at church.

Rick and Lisa were married Nov. 30, 2002. Rick liked to dabble in real estate, but until that time he only purchased one rental home and several lots with a partner. He explains, “We attended our first real estate seminar in the fall of 2003 that over promised and under delivered, we purchased our first property the wrong way, sold it on a lease option to ‘alien being’ tenants, finally got them evicted and the place cleaned up and sold it for a $120,000 profit.” He adds, “In December 2004 we attended Ron LeGrand’s ‘Ugly House’ bootcamp and by the end of 2005 we were ‘Masters of Real Estate Investing’ in Ron LeGrand’s program.” Because of Rick’s passion for real estate investing, 40% of Rick’s CPA practice is real estate investors. Rick has become the ‘go to’ CPA guru for real estate investors. Rick and Lisa make a great team.

Lisa has been an Entrepreneur since 1980, though not always in real estate. She purchased a couple of properties many years ago – the wrong way. Lisa was asked by the local REIA to start up and run a women’s real estate investing group. She started up the group, called WIRE in April of 2007. As the group started to grow, she asked another real estate investor to be a Co-Executive Director of WIRE which has monthly meetings in both Fort Myers and Naples, Florida. The meetings are education based, focused on real estate and business, with an attendance of about 50 people at each meeting.

Over time, Rick and Lisa have done numerous deals including subject to, owner financing, discounted notes, land and single family residential as well as multi-family properties. They’ve turned properties for a quick profit as well as held properties for long term investment. Having a true understanding of leases and lease/option has been very helpful in dealing with tenants. They even purchased a campground in Vermont (with a partner and definitely the wrong way). So they have the experience to give you both sides of the real estate investing game. Not only can they teach you what to do and how to do it, but what mistakes to avoid – saving you lots of time and money.

“Knowing what to do is not all about uninterrupted success, but learning what not to do from failures along the way, saving others from expensive mistakes,” stated Lisa in a recent interview. “The book has been written for the new investor and is filled with numerous case studies that students of ours succeeded with,” said Rick. To find out how to get “The Real Estate Success Formula, 19 Proven Strategies to Make Money In Real Estate!” by Rick and Lisa Donner, go to: