Real Estate Agent, Misty Hargis With Exit Realty Diversified, Says Home Owners Can Sell Their House Regardless Of The Market

During the last seven years real estate has become a center focus of the economy. Prior to the financial crisis, home prices were escalating at never before seen record amounts. This rapid increase in home values led many consumers to believe that the ride to the top would never end…until the collapse shocked the world.

The financial collapse began in 2007 and that is the same year that Misty Hargis became a full time real estate professional. While many people questioned her decision to enter real estate, Misty had a game plan to help sellers win in a down market. “I had 17 years of experience in the financial markets from originating mortgage loans to helping process residential and commercial loan packages, reviewing appraisals and helping to sell them in the market,” explained Hargis. “I knew that I could bring the consumer real world experience in both the financial and housing markets which would give the confidence, education and facts to sell their home,” she added.

Her plan worked. Misty’s experience in lending, gave her clients a tremendous edge in selling their homes during the most difficult real estate market this century. “In a typical transaction, the agent may refer a lender to the client; however, that agent may or may not have experience in lending. I knew the years of lending experience I had, would be a tremendous asset to my clients. It would allow me to help them navigate both the sell of their home as well as the ins and outs of a mortgage loan,” said Hargis.

Statistics show that the average person may only buy or sell real estate once every five to seven years and this can lead to a lack of knowledge regarding current lending and real estate regulations. Even though the current real estate market is rising, homeowners still feel confused about the process. “My wife and I have owned a home for several years. We don’t keep up with all of the changes except what we hear on the news, so I would really welcome the experience of a top agent if we wanted to sell because we would want to know the truth not just what the news reported,” said David a local resident we asked about real estate.

Hargis explained, “A homeowner should look at the marketing an agent will do for their property. Will they have professional pictures made of the home so that their home will shine above the rest of the homes on the market? Will they use technology, especially video marketing to gain exposure for the home, and will the agent put their money where their mouth is, too?” She went on to add that in addition to hiring a professional photographer and creating a stunning listing video, she also has a 90-day marketing plan.

“If my clients home isn’t sold in 90 days or less, I will reduce my commission,” said Hargis. “My clients know that their best interest is what I have at all times and that I am motivated to get them moving to their next home.” One thing is for certain, the real estate market is constantly changing. There will be boom times, down times and average times so consumers would be wise to consult with a professional Realtor when they are ready to sell. If you are thinking of selling there are some important things to consider.  Consumers can watch an educational video on selling at

Misty Hargis, Multi-MIllion Dollar producer/CNE can be reached at or Exit Realty Diversified, Direct (615) 828-4575 or Office (615) 463-8740,
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