Razzle Card Personalized Video Ecard Company Reports Boost In Website Traffic

Razzle Card, a Montreal based personalized video ecard company reports a 500% boost in website traffic over the previous month.

Derek Bowen, founder of Razzle Card comments, “We have noticed through our website analytics a boost in website traffic of more than 500% over the previous month. We are pleased with this increase in traffic and are looking for this trend to continue. Our website is mobile friendly which means our clients can visit our site, send a personalized video ecard to their friends from the convenience of their smart phone, from anywhere and at any time.”

Greg Sterling reported in Searchengineland.com on May 5th that Google has officially stated that searches on smart phones now out number the searches conducted on PC’s and laptops. During 2014, there were several unofficial statements that indicated this day would arrive very soon where the smart phone would become the dominant device for Google searches.

Google also announced a major change in its algorithm that could rank mobile friendly websites with more authority on smart phone searches vs. the traditional websites. This has caused quite a stir with companies scrambling to get their mobile friendly website up and running.

Derek Bowen adds, “While many companies are playing catch up on the mobile website front, Razzlecard.com has been there for some time now. We noticed the trends toward mobile a few years ago and as smart phone technology improved. We felt that a time would come when a majority of people would be conducting much of the online activity on the phone. We feel our mobile friendly website will also help in boosting our traffic as well.”

RazzleCard.com offers personalized video ecards where the actor extends best wishes to the recipient using their name. There are personalized custom ecards for men, women and there is also a kid’s site at Razzlecardkids.com. Cards can be sent by email or through Facebook. There are over 1500 names to chose from.

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