Razzle Card Founder – Derek Bowen Interviewed In Business Innovators Magazine

Derek Bowen, founder of Razzle Cards was recently interviewed on Business Innovators Magazine where he talks about the online greeting card industry and what makes Razzle Card so unique in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Bowen explains, “The online greeting card industry is a competitive market place. There are many players both big and small. One of the major limitations of ecards is the lack of personal sentimental presence that is associated with traditional paper greeting cards we receive through the mail. People still love to see their name on the envelope and on the card. Ecards have a difficult time replicating that ‘special feeling.’ Razzle Card offers video ecards that can be personalized by including the recipient’s name in video greeting.”

This is unique in the industry. Razzle Card offers a selection of over 1500 names to choose from. The recipient’s name is included in the birthday wishes which makes the recipient feel as if the video was created specifically for them. Bowen adds, “This is exactly the feeling we wanted to create.”

He says, “Consumers now can maintain the high level of convenience they enjoy with the online ecard industry by being able to schedule the delivery of the video ecards for all of their friends in one visit. Their friends experience a heightened sentimental value by hearing their name in the greeting card video message.” They also have a site for kids. Bowen says, “They especially get a charge out of hearing their name in the video greeting. They can’t wait to share the video ecard with all of their friends.”

The interview in Business Innovators Magazine talks more about how the company started and walks people through the process of ordering and sending their own Razzle Card video ecard to their friends.

According to the Greeting Card Association in Washington D.C., Americans sent approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards and the trends indicate that this is not slowing down. This equates to an annual spending on greeting cards of $7 to $8 billion. Online ecards are also gaining popularity. This has been attributed to social media platforms such as Facebook that alerts users of the friend’s birthdays on the day of the event. Friends who may have forgotten about the birthday have few options but to send some form on online greetings because it is quick, convenient and will arrive that same day.

Razzle Card is one more option available for consumers who want to impress their friends with a personalized video ecard. More information can be found at http://www.RazzleCard.com  You can read the complete article here on http://www.BusinessInnovatorsMagazine.com.