Raleigh, NC Dentist, Dr. Charles Ferzli, Provides Dental Implants

Dental implants are a suitable choice for patients who want or need a procedure that does not require the support of other teeth such as with a dental bridge. Dental implants are also the choice of many patients who would prefer to avoid the potential problems associated with dentures. While dentures are less expensive than implants, some denture wearers choose to have implants after a while due to the inconvenience. Dentures can slip out of place and certain foods may need to be avoided while wearing dentures.

When dental implants are properly placed with the correct fit, patients can enjoy all the different foods they want without limitations. They can smile without the fear of dentures slipping or falling out. Patients with implants can also speak with confidence as well without any distortion to the voice. Dental implants act as an artificial tooth root and are surgically placed into a patient’s jaw. An artificial tooth called, which is called a crown, is then attached to the implant. The artificial tooth looks just like a real tooth and the implant can last for 20 years or more.

A high degree of precision is required in order to properly place a dental implant for a patient. If the procedure is not performed correctly, the process may have to be repeated. Proper training and experience can help ensure the procedure is performed properly the first time. Not all patients are candidates for a dental implant procedure. Patients with gum disease may not be suitable for implants. Patients with a low bone density may also not be candidates.

A proper assessment that is performed by a properly trained dentist is the first step to determine if an implant dentist can be of assistance. Once it is determined that a patient is suitable to have implants placed, then different options can be suggested. For example, if a patient has many missing teeth, then a procedure where all the artificial teeth are placed on only 4 to 6 implants can be considered. This approach can reduce the cost of the entire procedure.

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