Public Adjuster Mitchell Berg Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Mitchell Berg, best-selling author featured in the new book, “Simple Ideas – Extraordinary Results,” which reached three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The book hit #14 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category, as well placing in the ‘E-Commerce’ and in ‘Marketing/Web Marketing’ categories.

In this best-selling book, Mr. Berg, a Certified Public Adjuster, reveals that people do not realize that insurance adjusters and independent adjusters do not directly represent property owners. Property owners “don’t realize that these people are working for the insurance company and their interests are actually contra to their interests,” states Mr. Berg.

A public adjuster’s sole purpose is to represent the best interests of the claimant and to ensure they get everything that is legally due to them based on their insurance policy in the shortest time frame.

“I like going in there and evening the odds. I like that I have the playbook the insurance company has. I like that I can coach people to make the right decisions and get them a better result,” says Mr. Berg. “That is what made me want to write this book.”

Mitchell has a passion for educating the public about their rights within the insurance industry. “Most people are not aware that they have the right to receive additional living expenses to help pay for living and eating somewhere else while repairs are being done to their home.” Mr. Berg added, “I get advances on almost every single claim for my clients.”

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