“Product Guy” Thiefaine Magré to Speak at the Upcoming Video Marketing Conference

Co-founder and COO of Prouduct LLC, Thiefaine Magré, will be a featured speaker at this year’s VidSummit 2018, a video marketing conference that brings the top video creators, brands, and agencies together. The 5th annual conference takes place October 9–12, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

Magré will be speaking alongside the likes of entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn and entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk. Magré called it “very, very exciting” to be recognized and to be able to share his expertise at the conference with such elite gentlemen.

Magré’s topic will be about what Prouduct LLC does really well—offer concierge services and sources products for clients.  He will share how his company helps companies and individuals go from having an idea about a product to creating that product and finally selling that product to customers.

“I will be teaching digital creators how to make physical products for profit,” Magré says. “We help companies create fully custom products. For example, Pat Flynn had an idea to create and release a product called the Switch Pod. Then bring it to fruition.  We were able to partner them with our engineers and our designers to create the Switch Pod. Now, they have a physical product that will be on the market within the next few months.”

Additionally, not only will Magré be speaking at VidSummit 2018 but his company, Prouduct LLC, is responsible for all product creation—badges, bags, etc.—for the conference.

The excitement for Magré and Prouduct LLC doesn’t stop at VidSummit 2018 but is set to continue into 2019. By working with content creators and helping them turn their digital brands into physical brands, Prouduct LLC has several contracts already set up for the new year.

According to Magré, 2019 is going to be an interesting year. “For those who watch a lot of YouTube or who are on Instagram a lot,” he says, “they will start to see more influencers creating their own products tailored to their audience, which I think is fascinating.”

Due to his expertise, Thiefaine Magré has become known as ‘The Product Guy.’ He speaks three languages and is a proud alumnus of BYU-Hawaii and BYUH Enactus with degrees in Business Management and Hospitality Management. He is recognized as a thought leader for product development and creation. His work with contract manufacturers has taken him around the world and across many industries.

To learn more about VidSummit 2018, please visit www.vidsummit.com.

To learn more about Thiefaine Magré and Prouduct LLC, please visit www.prouduct.com.