Planning For The Future And Insuring The Present, Claudia Gamache Offers Clients Peace Of Mind

As an insurance agent with the Gamache Insurance Group (, making sure her clients are covered for every eventuality is Claudia Gamache’s first priority. Understanding that most people do not understand how much coverage they actually need, Gamache is committed to making sure her clients are informed about their options and enjoy complete protection should a disaster strike.

“As an insurance professional it is my job to help you protect what’s important to you,” Gamache says. “That means asking questions and identifying needs.”

A registered Allstate agent, Gamache delivers personal service to her clients that comes complete with the weight and power of one of the world’s leading insurance agencies backing her up. While many are turning to handling their own insurance policies online, Gamache remains a staunch advocate for having a dedicated insurance agent to turn to in times of crisis.

“In a world that is increasingly technological, it’s important that our customers are doing business with people they know, like, and trust,” Gamache says. “My staff and I place the needs of the customer ahead of our own.”

While her clients have access to services 24/7, Gamache’s insights as an insurance agent are invaluable to her clientele. Keeping up with insurance policy information can be difficult and confusing, but Gamache is committed to making sure that her clients get the best coverage available by using her expertise to go through individual policies to make adjustments as needed.

“We offer policy reviews and because people don’t have the time. We also send out a summary of what they have, what it means, and describe situations that may warrant more insurance, or less,” Gamache says. “We offer a deep level of experience.”

With professional certifications that go the distance and over ten years of experience, Gamache also draws upon her personal experience when helping clients pick the best insurance policies for their needs. Having lived through a catastrophic lightning strike at her own home, Gamache has special insight into both handling the immediacy of a natural disaster emergency and what it takes to recover from one.

“I use my own story to emphasize why customers need proper protection. I was hit by lightning and it took 9 months to rebuild my home,” Gamache says. “Examples lend a lot of credibility. Customers often do not recognize how much they have to lose.”

In serving her clients, Gamache has assembled a team of exemplary professionals at Gamache Insurance Group, all of whom are well-equipped to lead insurance seekers through the process of becoming enrolled in the best policies available. Whether dealing with issuing a new policy, making a claim on an existing policy, or handling the payout after a loss, Gamache focuses on making sure her clients are taken care of.

“One of the greatest feelings is to be able to let a customer know their claim is covered and to walk them through their next steps,” Gamache says. “It’s a relief to know that additional coverages or different amounts of protection were chosen at your recommendation.”

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