Pivonka Health & Wellness Launches Allergy Testing & Treatment

In 2017 Pivonka Health & Wellness began a major transformation from a chiropractic provider to a fully staffed pain management, wellness and treatment clinic by integrating a medical doctor and supporting staff to the already highly successful chiropractic practice.

“Because of our commitment to helping our patients feel better as quickly as possible, we now offer a full range of wellness services all under one roof. It’s part of our 360 degree approach to treating our patients”, commented Dr. Anthony Pivonka. “By testing for the specific allergens, we are then able to create a customized treatment to address the exact cause of the problem. The result is more effective and long-lasting results”, he added.

According to a spokesman for the clinic, the new immunotherapy services will help patients identify and treat the cause of bothersome seasonal allergies that can often times be debilitating.

Immunotherapy desensitizes the body to allergens by introducing them to the body, via serum, in small quantities by injection or sublingual (under the tongue) drops. As treatment progresses, the amount of these allergens (also known as antigens) in the serum increases so the body’s immune system learns to tolerate and then ignore them. The result is fewer allergy symptoms.

Allergy Drops
Allergy Drops have been a common allergy relief method throughout the world for over 60 years. Patients simply place a few drops of serum (the same serum used in allergy shots) under their tongue every day. A revisit to the healthcare provider is needed every 12 weeks for a refill and a quick follow-up.

By the first follow-up, most patients enjoy a marked improvement. Within a few months patients should realize a significant reduction in the need for allergy medications. And, in four years, most patients will experience complete remission of their environmental allergies.

How Safe Are Allergy Drops?
Drops are extremely safe, with rare, and mild, side effects. There are no fatalities reported. Though small children are tested for fewer antigens than older children, the test is safe for children of any age. Sublingual allergy treatment is also convenient because the drops are administered at home and take just 2 minutes per day; painless and easy; ideal for frequent travelers, who can take the drops with them anywhere they go.

To learn more about treating seasonal allergies with allergy drops, contact Pivonka Health & Wellness at 480-892-0022 or visit http://www.PivonkaHealth.com

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