Pinecrest Schools Moorpark Campus First Class to Earn Model Classroom Status From Renaissance Learning Program

Pinecrest Schools was awarded the Model Classroom Status by the Renaissance Learning Company.  This is through the Math Facts in a Flash program that Pinecrest earned the award. Renaissance Learning officials congratulated Pinecrest for their great work.

“Congratulations to you and your students for your excellent work in achieving Model Classroom status with Math Facts in a Flash!  You are the first class to earn this honor in the LA region that we service.”

This designation is a result of Pinecrest’s hard work to implement Math Facts in a Flash with fidelity, according to Renaissance.

With eight different locations all over South California, Pinecrest Schools offers a great private education to children from kindergarten to middle school. Pinecrest is a well-known reference when it comes to affordable and outstanding education.

The campus offers a large curriculum that includes social studies, science, history, languages, arts, and sports. But what really sets Pinecrest apart from other private schools is the use of the Renaissance Learning program.

Renaissance Learning began in 1984 when Judi and Terry Paul started the company in the basement of their central Wisconsin home. Thirty years later, Renaissance is a world leader in cloud-based assessment, teaching, and learning solutions. The company is composed of over 900 employees and has customers in over one-third of U.S schools and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Moorpark Campus Director April Cauthron said that the program is an incredible tool for teachers and students alike.

“We are really excited to have the new Renaissance Learning program,” Cauthron said. “It encompasses a reading program as well as math program and it allows us to do diagnostics for reading and math for all students, which in turn gives us their grade equivalent to what they are working on.”

For Cauthron’s staff, the Renaissance Learning program makes teaching easier and more engaging. Students learn to love reading and talking about books. It also makes students learn in a more individualistic, personal way.

“This allows teachers to adapt their learning based on what level they are on, whether they are above grade level or working towards that grade level,” Cauthron explained. “It gives us the opportunity to focus on that and give a learning program to each student individually.”

The Renaissance Web Site also gives teachers all over the world the opportunity to share their assessment and methods, all in one place. Education is now more centralized and teachers can learn from each other, compare, and discuss their work.

And the program is not only targeted to reading. Math is also available on the platform and allows students to practice their skills. A computer-learning tool is also available. It gives teachers the opportunity to identify preK-3 emerging readers’ command of 41 skill sets and 10 key literacy and numerous domains.

Finally, in 2014 Google Capital made its first investment in Education by joining Renaissance Learning Board of Directors, proving in the process the incredible value of Renaissance Learning.

In other words, the Renaissance Learning program is the perfect tool to help Pinecrest Schools reach their goal: Give the best education possible for students in South California.

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