Philly Connection® Goes Mobile In New Cities To Feed The Masses With Food Trucks

Although The Cheesesteak Sandwich originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1979, Roy Brostrand came up with the concept for a Cheesesteak business and opened a store in South Jersey. Later, he sold it to move to Atlanta.

In 1984, in Atlanta, the Philly Connection® concept was developed and introduced– that restaurant continues to operate today. The company then opened additional locations and, in 1988, franchise operations commenced.

Raymond Gaspart and John Pollack purchased Roy’s shares and took the Philly Connection® to a whole new level, building the multiple store franchise concept nationwide. Back in 1984, Roy Brostrand and John Pollock were instrumental in the birth of the Philly Connection® and now with, Raymond Gaspart, they’re writing the next chapter as Philly Connection Food Trucks serve Philly Cheesesteaks all over the country in state-of-the-art mobile food trucks.

The Philly Connection developed a recipe for the steak meat used to make Philly Connection’s proprietary Cheesesteak sandwich. The recipe includes a certain cut of whole-muscle beef, a secret marinade and a special processing technique that produces a high-quality, great-tasting, juicy, tender sliced steak product that is still used today by the Philly Connection® network of franchise restaurants. Those same time tested recipes will also be used on the mobile Philly Connection Food Trucks.

Roy Brostrand and his partners John Pollock and Raymond Gaspart are excited to be launching new food truck franchises nationwide. With the launch of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and the use of GPS, loyal and hungry fans of Philly Connection Food Trucks can find out where their favorite food truck will be serving each day.

Brostrand says, “Because of social media and the applications that are available today, people can find us at various food truck and corporate events. With Twitter we can instantly send out video of where we are. Facebook helps people keep up with us as we set up around the metropolitan area as well.”

Christopher Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems says, “In my 12 years in franchising, I haven’t worked with many brands that match the potential of the Philly Connection Food Trucks system. Roy Brostrand and John Pollock are fantastic leaders, great communicators and have an inspiring vision for growth, I am honored to be associated with the brand and them personally.”

The Philly Connection Food Trucks Franchise

The Philly Connection Food Truck is a natural in the burgeoning food truck industry. Brostrand, Gaspart and Pollock saw the potential. They knew that the Cheesesteak was the perfect sandwich to be sold on a food truck and the rise of social media would be the perfect way for the mobile business to be found.

Mobile food truck franchise owner Jeff Wheeler adds, “Owning a food truck, especially one that is offering quality food, like our cheesesteak, fast service and one that is in reality the only one like it in the Atlanta area, is a worthy investment on my part. There is a lot of time involved, but a good return on my investment of time and money.”
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