Peter Scott Reveals How Being Fit Gets You Paid

It might be hard to believe, but, according to Peter Scott, mindset and fitness mentor for high achieving entrepreneurs and upcoming author of the soon to be released book The Fearless Mindset, there is a direct correlation between your fitness and your finances.

Scott explains that by prioritizing your fitness through daily habits and rituals, you skyrocket your energy, focus, and confidence, empowering you to create more value in your business and make more money as a result. The problem is that an overwhelming number of business owners struggle to find the time to work out, eat right and connect with their loved ones. Time constraints, business pressure and work stress all contribute to this challenge.

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this, according to Scott, who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs systematically get fit in less time, double their income and become unstoppable.

“It all comes down to a complete lifestyle change based on the goals you set and the habits you practice.  Goals by their very nature are episodic.  They are things to be achieved, and once you accomplish them they get crossed off your list.  Habits by their very nature are ongoing.  They’re behaviors and actions that happen consistently over time.  The secret correlation is that goals are the key to creating great habits and habits are the key to accomplishing your goals.  So you must consciously set a goal to create a habit to accomplish your goal,” says Scott.

Just like creating habits to assess your quarterly and annual sales goals, creating habits in your health and fitness allows you to show up in your life and business with more energy, focus, and confidence. “Your general daily lifestyle and the small choices you make each day will be the determining factor in how much money you make and how well you live,” according to Scott.

What business owners really need in order to make more money is to create compelling daily fitness habits that are non-negotiable. These daily fitness habits create confidence, certainty, and power, three qualities that directly translate into running a more profitable and successful business. When a business owner has more energy, thinks clearer, and can stay focused longer, they get more done in less time. This heightened productivity increases confidence helping them make better decisions, feel more courageous in sales conversations, and bring a new level of energy to their leadership – all resulting in an increase in sales.

You can find out more about creating fearless fitness habits by checking out The Fearless Mindset book by Peter Scott at