Patience Chee – She’s Here To Save Abandoned Dogs And Help People Turn Their Lives Around

If you lived your life as if it was your last, what would it look like? Most likely it would be like taking a leaf out of Patience Chee’s book. This versatile, resourceful and enterprising accountant started working as an auditor before switching careers as a financial controller, stockbroker and then re-engineered herself to become a software re-seller for CAD and stress simulation software for the Oil and Gas industry. She had bought herself into a 30 year old ailing software company, turned it into a top software re-seller and made it a highly profitable business within just a few short years.

Her journey to success was not without her share of struggles, she once lost all her life savings in the stock and property market crash in her early days after which she had to start over again literally from nothing and rebuilt her life over the next 5 year period. Her secret is to use each setback she encountered in her life to build a new skill. “Look at problems as motivation. When you celebrate every problem with a grateful heart the answers will appear,” she reiterates.

As a successful and driven businesswoman, what kind of hobby strikes her fancy? She loves sailing because steering a yacht on the high seas and running a company provides the same thrills and spills for her. The seas must be in her blood as she was born in the Pearl of the Orient, the island of Penang in Malaysia. She finds the infinite wideness and depth of the ocean and sky to be oxygenating and insatiable, bringing out the creative artist in her that cannot be found on dry land. She has been on a voyage sailing from China in the North down to Myanmar in the South between 2009 and 2011.

Due to her wealth of experience she was approached by a few businesses for advice and has since carved a niche as a Turnaround Guru for ailing businesses and business owners. She has also recently written her first book to help business owners skyrocket their sales. Her soon to be released book is called ‘From A Dog’s View: Lessons from Man’s Best Friend on Customer Loyalty’. Dubbed as the ‘Go Getter Girl’ by her suppliers for her ability to supersede sales targets, she shares her sales experience of turning prospects into raving fans, how to earn long term trust and build customer loyalty in her book which also got rave reviews by New York Times Bestselling Author Robert G. Allen. She says most business books she has read were dry and difficult to digest. Her book, on the other hand, is written in a light-hearted manner, narrated through the eyes of her dog Shanta. She believes that people learn best when they are having fun.

Dogs hold a special place in her heart. Abandoned by her father at a very young age, her first friend as a toddler was a stray puppy. All her life she has only taken stray and rescue dogs as her pets. It was her desire to fund dog shelters through her abandoned dog foundation that prompted the idea of the “From A Dog’s View” book series. All proceeds from the sale of her books will be channeled to provide the many cash stricken dog shelters with funds for neutering, health checks and land rental. It appears the “Turnaround Guru” has another mission to embrace – that of a Dog Evangelist!

So what else is in store for this go getter? She says to meet and collaborate with The Dog Whisperer to rehabilitate dogs in Asia would be a dream come true for her! She would love to hear from him and for him to have a copy of her book and review it. So how about it Cesar Millan? Will the world get to see Asia’s Dog Evangelist meet The Dog Whisperer soon? We certainly hope so!