Partnership With Life’s Aundance Has Dual Mission: DOG Health And The Success Of LGBT Caregivers

Healthy Dog Depot, LLC , Life’s Abundance, Inc., and Lesbian Business Project, LLC, three companies incorporated  in Florida, have created an innovative partnership with a dual mission: (1) to support the health and well being of our dog companions; and (2) to empower LGBT Dog Professionals and dog owners to engage in entrepreneurship activities that will increase their current income and allow them to achieve financial independence. The poor nutrition in most commercial brands that we give to our dogs is creating a health crisis that includes obesity, diabetes, itching, allergies, dental -gum disease, and many other health issues. Life’s Abundance was founded to produce and distribute pet food of the highest quality, with the mission of improving the health and life span of our loving companions.

The second objective of this powerful partnership addresses the pressing issue for many or most canine professionals as they deal with the cash flow rollercoaster of being self-employed. Choosing to work on their own and following their passion for dogs may come at a high price in the long run. Dog professionals may experience insufficient savings to manage emergencies, an illness or injury; and may be unable to save and invest for a prosperous retirement. Life’s Abundance and Lesbian Business Project provide LGBT dog professionals with the perfect solution.

Dennis Berardi, co-founder of Life’s Abundance, over the past sixteen years has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to earn extra monthly income and many to become financially independent. “The key to direct sales is that it really helps the average person. Anybody who really has the drive and the vision to become a successful entrepreneur can succeed in direct sales with the right company. With Life’s Abundance, with about $250, any entrepreneur can be the  President and CEO of their own company and the sky’s the limit,” stated Berardi. Dennis hones in on a major key point that many dog professionals overlook, “Pet professionals are doing the dog food promotion and referral business already, and they just aren’t getting paid for it.” He clarified his statement by pointing out that for example, when a breeder sells a puppy or dog, they automatically let the new owners know what type of food to feed their new pet. At Life’s Abundance they believe that you should be paid for those referrals, and be paid as long as the pet continues on the food you recommended. Not only is the professional creating an additional income stream, they are also improving the overall health of the dogs they service.

Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz, co-founder of Healthy Dog Depot and Lesbian Business Project says, “What we are building is a global community of Gay and Lesbians passionate about our loving dog companions, and willing to do whatever it takes to keep all dogs safe, healthy and protected.” Dr. Ortiz’s passion for dog health, her twenty-five years as a business, personal financial and estate planning consultant, and her expertise as an international “digital marketing” coach and speaker, have prepared her to lead this global movement of LGBT Dog Caregivers and entrepreneurs.” We feel blessed to have Life’s Abundance as a partner, and look forward to inspiring and empowering thousands of LGBT Dog Caregivers and entrepreneurs throughout the world,” stated Dr. Ortiz.

According to Dr. Ortiz,  “Feeding our dog companions the high quality food produced by Life’s Abundance will improve the quality of life and the life span of thousands of dogs. And we know that by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of LGBT dog caregivers and empowering them with breakthrough business tools through the Lesbian Business Project, thousands of LGBT business owners will achieve financial independence and personal freedom.”

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