Painting Projects with Happy Endings Start with a Plan

When it’s time for repainting an office or home, the best end experience starts with a plan, and a budget that fits that plan, according to Don Johanson, of Johanson Painting, Decorating and Handyman Services. An expert in commercial and residential painting, Johanson is passionate about making sure his clients are happy with the project.

I think the first thing is to figure out exactly what they would like to do and how that would improve their life. And then secondly, I think that they should sit down and try and figure out what type of budget they have for it,” says Johanson, who has been in business for over 30 years and has won the prestigious Best Picks Award eight years in a row.

Johanson stresses that setting a budget is of utmost importance. “It’s easier to formulate a project around a budget, than a budget around a project,” he says. Setting an informed budget and time frame allows the painting contractor to work around those known variables, he explains. 

Johanson recommends that clients put together a good plan for remodeling or painting by looking at photos on the web, as well as browsing design and décor magazines. It’s all about putting together design ideas, colors and a budget, he says. “Then, I think, clients are ultimately happy, because a lot of times people don’t put those together before they move forward with the project,” he says.

It’s crucial for clients to have a good idea of their needs before calling a contractor. Johanson said some people may just get two price quotes and use them as a budget. “If they don’t speak with the right people in the first place, the budget is going to be unrealistic,” he says. “It’s good to have your own criteria down before you actually talk to folks and try and put together a project that’s going to really make you happy and not be stressful.”

Johanson also recommends that clients should relax and enjoy the project; don’t stress out over the details. “I always tell people, ‘Don’t sweat the decorating. That should be fun!’ Whether you’re remodeling or painting, it should be fun,” he says. He notes that his team can help with advice and recommendations.

Johanson believes in establishing a positive and honest relationship with customers. He says his grandfather inspired his positive attitude towards his work, because he found great satisfaction in the trades. “I saw that he was always a happy-go-lucky guy. And so I’m also a hands-on guy and that’s what kind of inspired me to get into the field,” he says.

Johanson believes satisfied clients make for the best work environment for him and his team. “And my theory is if the client is happy and the workers are happy, and if the business owner is happy, it’s a win win win situation. So we want to make sure that we give them the end result that they’re looking for,” he says.

About Don Johanson
Don Johanson is the owner of Johanson Painting & Handyman Services and has won the prestigious Best Picks Award eight years in a row. Johanson Painting & Handyman Services is located at 119 South Emerson Street Ste 252 Mount Prospect IL 60056. To learn more visit them online at, or call 847 577-6900, to set up an appointment.

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