‘PAIN INC,’ New Book by Medical & Wellness Industry Expert Bob Mangat, Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Founder of invigoMEDIA Bob Mangat‘s recent release, ‘PAIN INC: How To BUILD Expert Celebrity Status in Your Community That Creates A Mass Army of Patients Willing to Pay You CASH For Your Services’ hit multiple Amazon.com bestseller lists on August 29th, climbing all the way to Number One in the Practice Management & Reimbursement and Service Industry categories.

With the dramatic payment and reimbursement changes in the insurance industry over the last few years, ‘PAIN INC’ is a must-read for any physician/clinic owner looking to get an edge on the competition, to stand out and create AUTHORITY in the marketplace, to increase profits, reduce expenses, and have more time to do the things they love.

Based on Mangat’s real-world knowledge and proven results, ’PAIN INC’ exposes the disturbing effect declining health insurance reimbursements are having on unprepared pain management physicians. According to Mangat, “Times have changed, and over the past few years, the insurance industry has cut reimbursements for all physicians, but especially for pain management specialists, who are often getting reimbursed only ten to twenty-five percent of their fees by the insurance companies. Relying on insurance providers for new clients and income is no longer a viable option.”

In ‘PAIN INC’ Mangat shares how he is helping clinic owners not just save their practices, but implement a system that will allow them to have a far greater impact on their patients, their team and their own lifestyle.

Mangat explains, “I’ve created multiple seven-figure businesses with the exact same strategies that I outline in this book. These are the same processes that I use in the clinics I work with around the world. My hope is that clinic owners will use this book to develop a deeper understanding of what they can be doing to create the practice and life they deserve.”

As a tactical sales and marketing playbook, ‘PAIN INC’ provides clinic owners everything needed to create a well-oiled machine designed to dramatically transform their practice in a short period of time.

‘PAIN INC:  How To BUILD Expert Celebrity Status in Your Community That Creates A Mass Army of Patients Willing to Pay You CASH for Your Services’ is now available in Kindle and Paperback editions on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946694355

Bob Mangat is a #1 Best Selling Author, CEO & Founder of invigoMEDIA, EverGenius®, and the 7 Figure Clinic Practice Growth System, Speaker with 17+ years of hands-on experience architecting ADVANCED business growth systems. Bob has been featured in Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and many others.

To learn more about Bob Mangat, visit https://invigomedia.com