Orthodontist Matthew Wirig Hits No. 1 On Amazon Best Seller Lists

Dr. Matthew Wirig of Wirig Orthodontics recently released his book, The Ultimate Guide to a Beautiful Smile: Everything you Need to Know Before Getting Braces or Invisalign. The book has hit #1 on Amazon’s best seller list.

The book officially launched on May 29th, 2015 and found its way to the #1 spot on several Amazon best seller lists. It received the #1 ranking in Amazon’s “Orthodontics” category in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015.

Dr. Matthew Wirig is an Orthodontist in Nevada with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson. He specializes his practice in only orthodontics.

“The sad truth is that most children don’t have straight teeth. It’s not the child’s fault, and it’s not the parents’ fault, it’s just genetics,” explained Dr. Wirig. “On the playground, kids these days can be brutal, picking on each other and making fun of other kids just for looking different. Most parents would be astonished to hear what their children tell me while they are sitting in the chair. Even children recognize that getting braces can be temporarily inconvenient, but it’s worth it in the end. My goal with this book is to help parents make the best decision for their children’s health and confidence.”

In this book, Orthodontist Dr. Matthew Wirig will help you navigate the important decision of orthodontic treatment.

He discusses:
– The benefits of orthodontics for adults and children
– When to get treatment
– The difference between dentists and orthodontists
– How to get the fastest, most comfortable orthodontic treatment from the latest in technological advancement
– What to expect at the first appointment
– How to handle orthodontic emergencies

“A common question people ask me is, ‘Why did you get started in Orthodontics?’ And the answer to that is my sister,” says Dr. Wirig. “I remember my younger sister going to school and hiding her face because of her ‘snaggletooth.’ She was afraid of talking to teachers because she felt self-conscious. She avoided social interactions, and overall she seemed emotionally burdened by her appearance. It brought me a lot of pain to see my sister like that. Eventually she got orthodontic treatment. When she was done, she completely turned around. She went from being quiet and shy and self-conscious to vibrant, outgoing, and fun to be around. I was amazed at the change that occurred in her just by a simple procedure as straightening her teeth. It was then that I knew I wanted to do the same thing for other people.”

In the book, Dr. Wirig answers the most common questions about treatment including what foods patients can eat, how to cover the investment with insurance and other methods, the best way to pick an orthodontic office for treatment, and other topics to help parents make this important decision.

To learn more about Dr. Matthew Wirig, go to: http://UltimateSmileGuide.com.

The Ultimate Guide to a Beautiful Smile is available on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Ultimate-Guide-Beautiful-Smile/dp/0692457321/.