Orgasm & Relationship Coach’s Book, Amplify Your Orgasm, Hits Number 1 on International Best-Sellers List

He not only believes that sex and orgasm are essential for one’s well-being and ties into a person’s overall happiness, he founded a business and wrote a book to back that up. That book – Amplify Your Orgasm: A Practical Guide for Women and Men on How to Have More Orgasm – this week hit #1 on the international best sellers list. The book’s growing popularity shows that he may very well be onto something.

“Society treats sexual education as taboo and I aim to reverse that by helping people have more orgasm and reconnect to their own sexual desires, passions, genitals and spirituality,” he said during recent interviews on Business Innovators radio and in Business Innovators magazine. “Many of my clients have experienced sexual abuse, shame, violence, traumas, narcissistic behaviors in relationships which has made them suppress their sexual desire or disconnect with their own sexuality. It is one of my greatest joys to see them turn this around through my programs, coaching services and bodywork sessions. My book provides a means of spreading my message of the importance of healthy human sexuality especially orgasms to a broader audience.”

Charming is a self-proclaimed orgasm and relationship coach and says that his clients, who are typically between ages 28 to 55, have experienced transformational life changes including greater confidence, joy, and personal satisfaction, less stress, joyfulness, peace as well as whole body orgasms. He designs unique techniques for each individual based on their past experiences and their current and future goals.

 “I founded my company, Charming Love Ltd, to provide coaching and bodywork related services to clients who want to learn to harness their own sexual energy for better relationships either with themselves or in connection with their partner,” explained Charming. “We’ve had such overwhelmingly positive response that now I spend a good deal of time speaking to groups and at conferences on the subject. My overriding message is that sex and orgasm are essential for overall well-being and when clients amplify them, they see their quality of life improve. Have you ever had an experience, where after experiencing nourishing sex and deeply fulfilling orgasms, you felt happy and positive towards life even though your life situation at that time might not have really changed much? Pleasure is available to us but we either run in wrong directions or we don’t know how to get it using ways which are detrimental to us in the long run.”

Charming, who grew up in India, birthplace of the Kamasutra, is an award receiving international speaker, certified bodyworker, certified OM life coach and founder of AOM (Amplified Orgasmic Method). His services are available to both individuals or couples and include coaching and workshops focused on:

  • Emotional Detox and Full Body De-Armouring
  • Deep Dive Desires and Fear Excavation
  • Making Relationships Better 
  • Amplified Orgasmic Method
  • Sexuality Exploration and Embodiment   

“Men want to last longer and provide maximum pleasure to their partner but often struggle to understand what female orgasm actually is. Women don’t allow themselves the permission to ask for what they want. In reality, everyone wants to experience deeper and fulfilling orgasm but yet we don’t want to talk about it. We all have this powerful, healing, creative orgasmic energy within us. I want people to know they don’t have to be shy, scared or embarrassed to talk about it and that it can help them lead a more peaceful, fulfilling life full of happiness and pleasure,” he added. 

For more information or to order the best-selling Amplify Your Orgasm, go to (if based in US), (if based in UK) or visit or message him on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube @michael charming.

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