Optician And Entrepreneur Marcus McNeill Champions Technology For His Patients

In a world where people are attached to the latest handheld device and all its applications for games and social networking, there are professionals who embrace medical technology to better serve their clients. Optician and Entrepreneur Marcus McNeill is one of those professionals. While many in his field have been tentative about the cost and learning curve associated with technological change, McNeill has embraced it with the fervor equal to musicians mastering their chosen instrument of strings, horns, keyboards, etc. In McNeill’s case it is measuring tools, materials and virtual reality leading to better vision. The modern eye wear is created by highly accurate measurements for fabrication, virtual reality and social feedback; all of this made possible through the most advanced technological tool in the optical field.

It’s called Optikam. Although it sounds similar to a fictional movie character, it is a very real piece of technology which is helpful in ways that were not available as short as five years ago in the vision field. With advanced technology in virtual reality and ophthalmic measuring, Optikam provides opticians with the ability to take multiple measurements for eyewear as fine as 1/100th of a millimeter and deliver them in one minute or less.

Optikam is not your daddy’s measuring tape. The reason is because measurements are only one aspect of this versatile tool. With Optikam, a client may be photographed in frames they have selected and that photo revealed on a big display screen to immediately assess and adjust the appearance of those frames. In a couple of quick steps the photos can then be emailed to friends and family for feedback. Optikam also allows virtual reality simulation of what driving glare looks like with and without non glare coating on lenses, as well as demonstrating transition lenses and the elapsed time between lightening and darkening of the lenses.

It is a boon to opticians; at least to those who will use it. For previously mentioned reasons, individual opticians have been slow to move in this technological direction and the largest players in the industry simply cannot move as fast as the independents. McNeill is one of those independents and is adamant in his conviction, “What motivates me as an optician is the burning desire to always improve and with that improvement to do better for every client I serve. Advancements in technology allow me to do that better than ever before and my company’s size allows quicker application of advancements to client needs.”

The industry has seen the fabrication and design of prescription lenses change dramatically in the last five years. The primary reason is that prescription lenses can now be fabricated by way of free form technology, which results in sharper acuity, less periphery distortion and a truly high-definition vision experience. This is a big reason that McNeill personally crafts many of his clients’ prescription lenses.

His mission is to serve each individual personally and cater to their specific need. He feels that solution based eye care that employs quality craftsmanship, honesty in selection and filling clients’ needs, will create confidence and trust for a lasting relationship. McNeill sums it up this way, “We consider it a gift and true blessing to serve others. Our business, Seek Eye Care, exists to address each client’s individual eye health, while creating an environment that invites them back for eye wear, contact lenses, or to simply stop by and visit.When clients see visually at their absolute best and cosmetically look their best, we have succeeded.”

To learn more visit:  http://www.seekeyecare.com.

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