Online Media Strategist, JC Soto, Shares 5 Tips For Public Speakers To Position Themselves As An Authority In Any Market

Two of the most challenging aspects of being a successful public speaker are the constant task of finding enough speaking gigs in order to get booked solid throughout the year and the goal of getting paid higher speaking fees.

“With the growing availability of speakers in every imaginable subject, it has become a struggle for many new and established public speakers to stand out and succeed in their careers”, Soto explains.

“Positioning themselves as the go-to expert in their particular subject matter and becoming the logical public speaking choice is the key for any struggling speaking to get an edge on the competition and succeed”, Soto says.

Using online marketing strategies is an effective way for public speakers to promote themselves and stay top of mind of potential speaking gigs.

Here are Soto’s five online strategies for public speakers to start getting some traction:

  • Press Releases – Press releases have been around for a long time. Many marketers have dismissed them as an outdated and ineffective medium. But the fact remains that they’re being used effectively everyday by savvy marketers who know how to format and write them. Although their prices vary, they carry a lot credibility and help boost the visibility and trust factors.
  • Podcasts – As confirmed by Apple, there are currently more than 550,000 active podcasts out there, and this number is rapidly growing. With so many podcasts out there, it’s easy to see that a well targeted podcast aimed at the right audience can reap powerful benefits. Also, leveraging the participation on a podcast can go a long way for public speakers to increase their expert status.
  • Video Channel – The proliferation of video platforms have made it very easy for public speakers to share their content online. YouTube, which is owned by Google, provides a convenient way to share videos with the whole world. Having an properly optimized YouTube channel where potential prospects can go to, can help provide professional exposure for the public speaker.
  • Book Authorship – Authors are automatically looked at as an Author-ity. Writing a book or being part of a Multi-Author book can help public speakers to distance themselves from the competition. It can take the place of a business card when meeting potential speaking gig decision makers.
  • Social Media postings – Posting media mentions, accomplishments, public speaking appearances and announcing upcoming events are some of the powerful opportunities available by using social media for authority positioning.

“These five strategies can help public speakers create powerful credentials for getting more speaking gigs and higher fees. They can also help quickly build an expert reputation and position themselves as the Authority. Above all, public speakers can differentiate themselves by posting industry content that educates their potential clients”, Soto adds.

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