Online Media Strategist Aaron Ralph Thomas Helps Area Biz Owners To Grow Their Businesses

Aaron Ralph Thomas knows exactly how challenging it can be for people across the country to start and run a successful business. In many respects, starting the business is actually the easy part – proving to the industry that you’re operating in that your business not only has longevity but also the ability to grow and evolve and become more successful over time is something else entirely.

Using the knowledge that he has obtained through firsthand experience after years of operating his own business, Thomas now offers help other business owners to grow their own organizations in the most efficient ways possible. He does this by teaching businesses about marketing, with a specific emphasis about the power of the Internet that is just waiting to be seized.

“I was really one of those entrepreneurs that really shouldn’t have started a business, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t know anything about what I was doing but I learned a lot and I learned very quickly. And then my business evolved from producing wedding videos to producing videos for companies. Once I discovered the power of marketing the trajectory of my company changed drastically.”

Thomas has grown his video production business, Your World Productions Inc, which has been in the game since 2003, to an integrated marketing, publishing, video production, and teleprompter business called Your World Media Group. Thomas has learned quite a bit along the way, sometimes from the unlikeliest of sources. “Back when online forums were popular in 2005, I learned that some video producers were putting their company’s information on online directories and those directories were performing well for their businesses. So I began to do the same and got great results.  I increased my business fivefold from 2005 to 2007.  But then I had to adapt to new changes online.”

He has seen firsthand the type of techniques can revolutionize a business practically overnight. His goal is to unlock an area that most business owners find challenging and make it more accessible for everyone involved.

Thomas is not the only entrepreneur to hold these opinions. Seth Godin, a New York Times best selling author, echoed those sentiments. “The [Internet] is not television. It is the finest direct-marketing mechanism in the history of mankind. It is direct mail with free stamps, and it allows you to create richer and deeper relationships than you’ve ever been able to create before.”