One Thing Will Change The World

Wouldn’t it be nice if the transformation of all ecological and social imbalance were as simple as one step, one action, one choice? Sadly, it seems that while a part of the world wants to see and create positive changes that can be shared by all, a part of the world is actively working to fuel the fires of discord and violence that impact us all. But is the fate of the world really in the hands of these two communities: the active good-gooders and the re-actively hateful? I would like to suggest not.

In any large group dynamic there are almost always three sub-groups of people: those who want a change, those who resist, and the large silent “middle” who neither take a stand nor get involved. Massive successful change efforts work to mobilize the invisible middle. One thing that will change the world, will be for those of us who have opinions about the world, but do not follow them with action to simply take the next step. There is always a next step or action to be taken such as making the effort to sign the petition, give $5, offer an hour or two of volunteering a month, be aware of what you support with your money, and don’t let the things that hurt your heart go unaddressed.

The real barrier to change, however, is not the inaction of the silent middle, but the mindset of that large, world dominating community. The mindset is one of disconnect and a heavily rationalized way of life that supposes that others will address the world’s problems. I would like to suggest the real issue at hand is theological, or one of worldview. When people regularly stop to consider the powerful degree of interconnection and interdependence of all life and all things on earth, something new emerges, a sense of compassion that which is ultimately an extension of self. Ironically, some research surveys show that the majority of people see “God” as something pervasive and embedded in all things, that we are all united at some level by our origin or creator. For those with little interest in spirituality, the scientific world has long supported and given evidence for the profound interaction and interconnection of all things. One thing that will change the world, and fast, would be for people to deeply internalize this amazing material and spiritual notion that all things, remarkably, at some level are all one thing.

That is “one thing” that will change the world.

About the Author

Jonathan is based in Denver, Colorado and serves as the Executive Director of the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality. Jonathan’s consulting work shines in the areas of innovation, leadership development, change management & wellness,  and a wide range of topics relating to health and healing. Publicly he has been celebrated as a guide to mastering change and transformation; and as an expert on the topics of holistic health, cross-cultural healing and modern spirituality in films, print, television, and radio. Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., is the author of the international best-sellers “Return to the Sacred,” and “Inspiration Deficit Disorder.” To learn more about Dr. Ellerby, go to: