Northern Virginia Marketing Coach Jack Schoenberger Urges Frustrated Business Owners To Market Their Reputations

The online marketing world is proving to be extremely frustrating for many business owners. The speed and rate of change of technology can be overwhelming. Especially for business owners who are uncertain where to put precious marketing dollars to generate the greatest amount of revenue.

Northern Virginia based marketing coach Jack Schoenberger insists he has the answer. “I hear this all the time from business owners I talk to and I totally understand their pain. The online noise can seem impossible to overcome with more and more businesses building out their online presence”, says Schoenberger. “Business owners ask me how anyone can expect to gain more market share and grow a business online when you are sitting side-by-side other businesses online selling basically the same thing for the same price?”

“I tell them all pretty much the same thing.  Start focusing on marketing your reputation. Don’t just monitor your reputation; don’t just manage your reputation, but aggressively MARKET your reputation.”

When asked the obvious question of WHY?, Schoenberger said, “Because that is the one asset with which you can always differentiate yourself and attract prospects to choose you over of your competition.”

“And I would go on to argue that your reputation is THE most important “product” any business can develop and market because it is a direct reflection of the perceived value you bring to the market place. And once value is made clear the buying decision is easy”.

A business’ reputation whether communicated by word of mouth, a written testimonial, an online review, a Tweet, or a Facebook post can have a significant impact on a business’ bottom line.

According to a 2013 survey conducted by Dimension Research an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who read online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced their decision to buy while 86 percent said negative reviews influenced their decision to not buy.

But probably the most best confirmation of Schoenberger’s reputation marketing evangelism is the fact that Google recently began increasing the number of places a business can feature reviews and promote their online reputation.   These new changes include Adwords Review Extensions  and Shared Endorsements.

Adwords Review Extensions allow a company to feature a small 67-character review directly under their Adwords ad.

The idea with Shared Endorsements is Google will take all available information about a company including photos, comments, +1’s, and reviews and display them on the search engine results page if someone has searched for something related to your business prior to that search.

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