Non-Profit Auxesis Outreach Soon To Become A Household Name As It Grows Partnerships And Community Impact

Dehaven Fields, Executive Board President and CEO of the non-profit Auxesis Outreach, Inc. based in North Carolina has been busy this year creating partnerships with national brands, finance corporations and credit repair giants. These partnerships are created in order to help more people learn how to become homeowners and become financially stable through educational resources available to them within their local community. The name “Auxesis” (pron. awg-zee-sis) comes from Greek and stands for “amplification of growth.” The core mission of the non-profit is to strengthen and build community by focusing the efforts of companies, organizations and community members who are looking for ways to support the company’s mission of financial growth and financial education. Auxesis is able to provide community members with events, workshops, seminars, and free resources by focusing their collective efforts strategically on a particular community. These events have deep felt results.

Fields says, “Auxesis Outreach is a non-profit organization which is focused on providing individuals in our communities—which now has a national platform—with resources and pathways to homeownership and financial stability because we feel that those two components are key catalysts to the development and growth of community. That is our focus. We’ve been able to pull a lot of support from other corporations and national brands to help us meet that mission. We feel very privileged and have been successful at being able to provide those opportunities to a nation in need.”

Auxesis is continually adding corporate and community partners to increase the number of communities in which they can help to improve conditions. They hope to continually expand their offerings to increase homeownership in communities, launch financial education in school systems, and provide senior assistance. Their plan is to continue to grow awareness to both community members looking for guidance and assistance recovering from this past recession, but also to offer assistance to companies and professionals on both a national level and a local level to get involved and give back to their community.

Several social impact conferences are about to kick off to spotlight causes and drive changes that matter. Auxesis Outreach was recently invited to participate in a #2030NOW Social Campaign by LinkedIn where they are asked two questions – What type of world do you want to live in by 2030? What role do professionals play in getting us there?

Fields explains, “America’s future is dictated today. I look forward to 2030 showcasing a healthier nation financially. A revived American dream where homeownership is not unrealistic, quality of education isn’t dictated by past misfortunes, and we can see a reduction in crime rates and the eradication of extreme poverty. All of this fueled in part through the financial growth of communities nationwide. I challenge professionals throughout the nation to grow awareness and support within their communities by stepping up. Lend your expertise in a community workshop backed by our corporate partners, connect family members and friends to the website so they may learn where to get assistance or how to get involved in their local community and benefit from online resources.Demonstrate an act of community that will make this 2030 vision a reality.” Pledge #AUXCHALLENGE, #Auxesis, #2030NOW

Auxesis, Inc. invites readers to take the “Random Act of Community Challenge” and participate using the following the pledge:

My name is ______________ and I accept the “Random Act of Community Challenge.” This challenge is to help grow awareness for Auxesis Outreach, a non-profit organization delivering change throughout the nation by encouraging financial growth and to promote random acts of community delivering us to a healthier financial future as a nation.

I would like to nominate _________ (3-5 people). You have 48 hours to capture and post your “act of community” and pledge your commitment to grow your community or help others in need.

If you do not accept, donate $100.00 to Auxesis Outreach to support growth through financial resources and education, as we work to revitalize the American Dream.

What type of world do you want to live in by 2030? What role do professionals play in getting us there?

Fields explains, “I believe that we’ve been in the unique position to combine the philanthropic efforts of several different organizations and companies throughout the nation and focus on this one cause—being able to provide assistance for individuals to become homeowners—while focusing on one community at a time.”

A new partnership with credit restoration giants, Lexington Law and has allowed Auxesis to expand their educational offerings for potential homeowners to learn more about the home financing and credit repair process. Fields says, “Both Lexington Law along with are eager to assist us in delivering our mission in the community to educate potential homeowners through our program, “Delivering Financial Pathways to Homeownership and Financial Stability.”

Auxesis Outreach, Inc. will also be hosting the first annual Auxesis Gala in Downtown Raleigh, NC in the Spring of 2015. The gala represents a collective gathering of company heads, political heads, industry professionals, national personalities and celebrities that share a philanthropic interest surrounding the stimulation of financial growth of families affected by this past recession. Proceeds will be used to support and expand the non-profit’s homeownership grants and education programs.

For more information about the programs offered by Auxesis, Inc. and partners, to get assistance, or to be involved in partnering with the non-profit please visit the website at: