No Cost Personal Injury Attorney Stands Up For Injured Motorists In Pinellas County

Nightingale Law has evolved to champion the cause of the injured needing their services the most. Between the stress and trauma that one undergoes throughout the arduous process of a car accident, Robin Nightingale has devoted her practice to representing those individuals injured through no fault of their own.  There are so many scenarios involving car accidents from serious physical and property damage, to mental trauma, to costly litigation.  Understanding the nuances of the law during such occurrences is vital in order to get the clients justice for a car accident they did not cause.

Located in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties of Tampa Bay personal injury attorney, Nightingale Law is situated perfectly in the heart of where so many motorists are commuting each and every day.  As a rapidly growing city in the United States, Tampa is experiencing all of the additional growth issues that come with such expansion of population and commerce.  Without a comprehensive transportation system, Tampa experiences its inordinate share of driving volume and its related mishaps. Auto accidents are inevitable and so are resulting serious injuries.

There are also many facets of complexity that accompany an auto accident which Nightingale Law takes upon themselves to assist its clients during these difficult times.  Financial expenses and pure logistical details i.e. transportation to and from the doctor and chiropractic appointments, car repairs, rental car while repairs are being done, lost wages, and much more are factored into the needed aid an injured person requires after a car accident.

The no cost proposition is extremely attractive to accident victims since the added stress of sudden expenses is daunting let alone the additional costs of an attorney that many are ill prepared to pay.  Perhaps Nightingale Law Firm owner, Robin Nightingale should more aptly be described as “Robin Hood” Nightingale.  She holds insurance companies accountable by getting them to justly pay her clients vehicle repair costs, medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

The custom treatment that has been etched into the fabric of Nightingale Law Firm’s mission to go above and beyond to service those needing it most has raised the personal injury attorney Clearwater bar in the industry.  Pinellas County and the regions of Tampa has seen an upsurge in auto accident Clearwater, motorcycles, slip and fall cases, and DUI’s demanding a higher caliber legal profession that Nightingale Law answers.  Patience and dedication to the personal and human side of the equation are an often forgotten ingredient in this industry.  For their clients injured in auto accidents, Nightingale Law removes the stress from dealing with insurance companies so clients can focus on  getting the medical treatment they need.

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