NMCA is introduced in America by Chuck Clement on Business Innovators Radio

As an entrepreneur, Chuck Clement saw an amazing business opportunity and jumped right in as he built up Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas (NMCA). Modeled after the UK parent company, NMCA is a coaching organization that offers courses, workshops and certifications for coaches who wish to further their knowledge with a personalized experience. Interviewed by Alicia Dibrell-Williams on Business Innovators Radio, Chuck goes into further detail as to where this company derived from, what you can expect to gain from the program, the difference between coaches, and so much more.

At NMCA, Chuck prides himself on making sure that his students feel that the program is tailored to their specific needs. To do this, he starts out by interviewing a student right when they enroll to figure out what their background is and where they want to be in the future. Also, they do not want to make their students partake in lessons that they have already studied therefore, they make compensations according. There are so many directions you can take in coaching which is why it is important that NMCA knows exactly what the individual is hoping to achieve. Chuck goes into further detail explaining that they certify life coaches, business coaches, and everything in between. Their program is rigorous, and takes a lot of hard work because they want to ensure that they create the best coaches possible, so that they may be prepared to tackle the industry immediately.

If you participate in this company’s program, you can expect to develop the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. There are two major workshops offered, one consisting of a seven-hour program that breaks down what it means to be a coach, all the way up to receiving the certification. The other two-day workshop, is for those who have already have a certification and are looking to take it one step further by turning their coaching techniques into a business. Next, there are three levels of certifications. The first is designed for life coaches, the second is designed for those who want to focus on businesses, and the last is the most rigorous of them all which is the executive corporate coach diploma. This program is heavily oriented to practical business coaching exercises and it is definitely worth the time, effort and money. To continue with the uniqueness of the company, NMCA offers a program called workplace coaching which offers certifications to managers. This program is unlike any other because Chuck himself has heavily invested in leadership training to ensure that the managers and leaders who participate know how to properly coach their employees.

NMCA is welcoming to all individuals who are looking to gain certifications through the coaching industry therefore, scholarships are available to those who meet the criteria. When you leave their program, you are guaranteed to be well prepared for the coaching world. In fact, you will have fifty hours of applied documented coaching experience under their belt. There is also support to those who are wishing to start their own business. If you don’t desire to go that route, the company has hired many of their students to teach because they did not wish to pursue the mentoring side. There are also journalist positions available for those who enjoy writing about coaching. To find out more information on NMCA, you may visit their website at www.NM-Americas.com.

If you wish to contact Chuck Clement directly, you can email him cclement@nm-americas.com.

To learn more about the program and hear more in depth details of Chuck’s interview you may visit: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/chuck-clement-managing-director-noble-manhattan-coaching-americas/

Alicia Dibrell

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