New Websites Assist Student Athletes During Recruiting Process announces the launch of their individual athlete websites, designed to assist student athletes during the recruiting process.

“Getting recruited by college, even high school, sports teams has become increasingly competitive and challenging for student athletes. We are offering a solution that allows athletes to stand out from the rest of the crowd and allow coaches to monitor their development over time,” said Evelyn Wheeler, co-owner of

The athlete websites provided by are designed to help establish a direct line of communication between coaches and athletes, and to allow coaches access to pictures, videos, even training and game schedules, of the athlete.

Athletes are also encouraged to work with a recruiting advisor, rather than a recruiting agent. An advisor will guide the athlete through the recruiting process and assist them with contacting coaches, rather than contacting schools on the athlete’s behalf.

“The idea is get parents and athletes directly involved in the recruiting process,” said Wheeler. “Most high school and college coaches are much more likely to open a message from an athlete reaching out to them than they are to explore what is sent to them by an agent. The added benefit is that only one athlete is featured on the site, even for multiple sports; they won’t be competing with hundreds or thousands of athletes like they would on other sites.”

The inspiration for came from Wheeler’s daughter, Ashlyn. When a mid-season relocation from Colorado to Arizona left Ashlyn locked out of an opportunity to play club volleyball, Wheeler was determined to find a solution. That solution eventually became Wheeler constructed a site for her daughter and sent the information to the same coaches who had previously denied Ashlyn a tryout. Upon moving to Arizona, Wheeler had a week’s worth of tryouts scheduled for her daughter.

“It’s amazing the power of allowing the coach to see an athlete in action and to watch their athletic development over time. It really helps to create a much more intimate environment and gives an athlete the best possible chance against difficult odds and cutthroat competition,” stated Wheeler.

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