New Video Series Breaks Myths To Show Healthy Nutrition Is Not Rocket Science

As the internet braces for a soar in ‘new year, new me’ articles and a myriad of pseudoscience research, leading nutritional therapy and nutrition sciences education establishment the Institute for Optimum Nutrition launches their free and innovative Food as Fuel video series to debunk the myths and false information on healthy nutrition.

Food as Fuel is an eight-part short-form video series focused on common nutrition misconceptions which casually saturate the January articles, championing how optimal health comes from a positive and informed understanding of nutrition, consumption, and day to day habits.

Branching out from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition’s long-established nutritional therapy and well-being clinic and in development with their popular quarterly magazine, Optimum Nutrition, the Food as Fuel concept is to create rocket fuel to energise the public’s health through good nutrition. With effective advice and guidance often coming with a price barrier, the not-for-profit Institute is supporting the public to achieve optimum health through nutrition, proving good nutrition education remains easily digestible and not rocket science.

Dean of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Heather Rosa, says, “Our mission is to educate and enthuse, instilling optimum nutrition as the foundation of health for all. We do this free of jargon and always with evidence-based research. We know that the new year instils an ideology of betterment within most of us, and I look forward to being able to support those looking to adopt small changes resulting in a significantly positive impact on their health with our new Food as Fuel video series.”

Rosa continues, “Our nutritional therapists have been designing the video series based on their extensive specialist education in the field, evidence-based research and evidence-informed from their own successful private practices. Having founded nutritional therapy education in the UK, we have successfully trained thousands of registered nutritional therapists who have gone on to support countless individuals into stronger health, and I hope that Food as Fuel will introduce us to a new audience who are hungry to change and learn.”

In a 2019 survey of 2,000 participants, the Institute for Optimum Nutrition discovered that 45% of Britons felt their health is impacted by nutrition. A lessened 33% supporting the idea that mental health is affected by nutrition. 49% cited a desire to have further knowledge in the nutrition field, with 26% admitting available advice is conflicting and confusing. With the industry and general public awareness of this authentic information crisis, Food as Fuel is placing itself as the January 2020 force for change and truth.

The free Food as Fuel video series is open for registrations from 03 January 2020. 

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The Institute for Optimum Nutrition is a higher education institution specialising in nutrition and lifestyle sciences and professional training. Established 35 years it is one of the most respected training bodies of its kind in Europe.

Uniquely dual-accredited, their flagship diploma courses educate students to become Registered Nutritional Therapists on professional qualification programmes. Leaders in their industry, they create a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning experience, through sharing a unique fusion of education, research, and professional practice and inspiring their students and staff to enrich communities. 

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