New Publisher Aims To Help Information Marketers Succeed In The Digital Attention Span Economy

Brian Ainsley Horn and Jack Mize, founders of Authority Media Group LLC have launched their new multi-media project,   Digital Attention Span will provide free access to trainings, tools, and templates designed to help infopreneurs create, publish and sell their knowledge.

The idea is based on a 2015 study from Microsoft Corp that discovered people start to lose concentration after about 8 seconds.

However other studies show that people still consume longer form content:

  • Netflix released a binge-watching study that found subscribers who finish the first season of a show watch about two hours a day and finish it in a week.
  • Print book sales are up more than 10% between 2013 and 2017
  • In the past four years, the number of people who listen to podcasts has increased from 12% to 24%. The most popular podcast of 2017 was S-Town that averages around 54 minutes an episode. As of April 2018, it’s been downloaded nearly 77 million times

This shows that people have become much more selective of the content that they give their limited time to consume.  While consumers only spend about 8-seconds figuring out what they want to see, they’ll spend much longer with content they actually like.

Digital Attention Span will help information marketers capture the attention of their ideal prospects and then stay with them to consume their content.  They will regularly release new content through a blog, podcast, video channel and have a free members area with tools and templates.

The podcast, hosted by Jack Mize, has short but actionable episodes.  The first episode, ”What Is Digital Attention Span?” introduces the concept and explains why digital attention span is not the same as short attention span.

Mize states, “The internet, social media and mobile technology has impacted our attention spans and companies like Netflix, Amazon and iTunes have developed marketing strategies that are changing the way consumers make decisions.

It’s a new world and business owners, in just about any field, who recognize this have an opportunity to gain a huge advantage over their competitors by applying these simple but powerful marketing strategies”

The blog will feature in-depth posts with tactical information that can be applied easily. The first post, “How To Create A Simple Lead Funnel For The Digital Attention Span Economy” walks the reader through the process of adding content upgrades to their articles and blog posts to help grow their email list.

Horn explains, “In a Digital Attention Span Lead Funnel, you want to focus on capturing the attention of the right person, get them to quickly trust you, keep them engaged with quality content, then make it easy for them to start working with you.”

Anyone building a new information marketing business or that wants to grow an existing one, needs to understand how the Digital Attention Span Economy is changing everything about marketing online.

Digital Attention Span is a training resource exclusively to help understand and overcome these changes. 

For more information about Digital Attention Span and to unlock the bonus content, tools and templates, visit and create a free account.