New ORA Technology Improves Cataract Surgery Results And Patient Satisfaction

As baby boomers enter retirement in increasing numbers, they have high expectations for the kind of lifestyle they want to lead – and they aren’t willing to settle for anything less. Nowhere is this more evident than in cataract surgery. Patients’ desire for 20/20 vision or greater after cataract surgery is driving exciting advances like the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA), a remarkable new technology offered by the Mann Eye Institute of Houston and Austin.

The ORA system allows cataract surgery to be individually tailored to each patient’s eye, a customized approach that makes treatment more accurate and precise and improves visual outcomes. “Our goal is to offer our cataract surgery patients the best visual outcomes and help them achieve the type of clear vision they experienced at a younger age,” says Paul Mann, MD. “The ORA system is a landmark step in this direction.”

ORA incorporates a sophisticated wavefront measurement technology called VerifEye that takes precise measurements of the eye.  The measurements are taken after the cataract is removed, but before the new replacement lens is inserted. Information from the ORA analysis helps the surgeon determine whether patients are receiving the correct premium lens implant or IOL to meet their needs. The measurements can also predict the potential for residual astigmatism, which surgeons can correct right then during the procedure.

“The new technology decreases the margin of error and gives us consistent, accurate data to make the best decision for the patient,” says Dr. Mann. “This helps avoid the possibility of having to perform an enhancement or readjustment in the future. As such, it greatly improves patient satisfaction.” Prior to using the ORA, there was a several-week wait time to determine the final effectiveness and projected benefits of the IOL.

“The combination of laser cataract surgery with the Catalys Precision Laser System and the ORA system now gives us a new gold standard for cataract surgery,” says Dr. Mann.  “These new advances are making a remarkable difference for our patients in terms of precision, accuracy and customization.” For more information or to speak with a team member about Laser Cataract Surgery with the ORA system, call the Mann Eye Institute at 713-580-2500 or visit:

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