New Book Teaches How To Get Published & Grow Your Business: “Become The Hunted, Not The Hunter”

Entrepreneurs who are looking to boost their businesses have just been handed a new resource.  Get Published & Grow Your Business: “Become the Hunted, not the Hunter” is a brand new book released internationally on November 12, 2014. The book outlines new marketing methods for professionals and entrepreneurs. Among the many topics covered, publishing your own book and becoming a best-selling author ranks at the top. Also included are ideas for boosting credibility, converting leads, gaining more customers, charging more for services, media coverage and securing speaking engagements.

Collectively, these new methods are known as Authority Marketing, and the “Authority Wizards” (Lisa Williams, T. Allen Hanes, Dr. Mark Page, Lonnie Ray Phillips, Joel Helfer, Eric Swartz, Jeanie Budge, and Jim Neister) have assembled them in a quick, easily read, best-selling book. According to author Lisa Williams, “Get Published & Grow Your Business aims to position you for success faster than you can do it yourself.” It is best suited for a variety of entrepreneurs and professionals, namely speakers, coaches, realtors, and licensed professionals.

“Every professional or business owner wants to get to that next level. You want more leads, more clients, more freedom, more money,” said Lisa Williams. “We show how all of this can be accomplished by becoming a best-selling author. It’s all about establishing yourself as the go-to expert,” says Williams. “Once you’ve achieved that level of credibility, all of those desires can become realities.”

The Authority Wizards are a group of marketing professionals with experience in a variety of areas including publishing, advertising, social media, public relations, speaking and other marketing-related fields. The authors that make up the group called “The Authority Wizards” include Lisa Williams, T. Allen Hanes, Dr. Mark Page, Lonnie Ray Phillips, Joel Helfer, Eric Swartz, Jeanie Budge, and Jim Neister.

Being a published and best-selling author is not the latest fad or marketing strategy. Books will continue to be around forever, whether digital or in print. Almost everyone has run through the gamut of marketing strategies like SEO, getting on the first page of Google, affiliate marketing, etc. “All those strategies work together in concert, but none are as effective without the authority status.” According to the authors, “that is what makes a consumer choose you over your competition.” In easy to follow steps, the Authority Wizards show you how writing a book will allow you to lead your market.

The book also aims to curb the belief held by most people that writing a book is too overwhelming, will cost too much money, will take too much time, or won’t become a best-seller due to lack of appropriate marketing. “People think that you have to write a classic story like Gone With the Wind.  But you don’t,” explain the authors of Get Published. “It doesn’t have to be this enormous project. Less is better.” This is key to the system laid out in Get Published & Grow Your Business.

The books they have helped become best-sellers were not written by Stephen King, they were written by entrepreneurs and small businesses that have a message to share and realize the value of having a book published to convey their sales message. Since February 2014, the Authority Wizards are responsible for over 100 books becoming best-sellers on Amazon. In July 2014 alone, over 20 bestselling authors were created, many of which reached #1 and #2 on the best-seller lists. The authors of these books come from a variety of backgrounds and were published in different categories.  For example, “No Mistakes Resumes” and “Your Resume, Your Voice” became best-sellers in the Job Resumes category; “How To Completely Change Your Life In 30 Seconds” and “The Success Principles” reached the top of the Personal Success & Spirituality category; and “500 Social Media Marketing Tips” became a best-sellers in the Web Marketing category.

Aaron Ralph Thompson, entrepreneur and author of “Teleprompter Bible,” has gone through the Authority Wizards Best Selling campaign and had this to say: “Being a best-seller has changed my business. Not only has it increased my credibility, but it has given me the confidence to pursue more speaking engagements.”

Whether you’re looking for help boosting your business, or you want to gain more credibility and authority in your industry, The Authority Wizards’ Get Published & Grow Your Business: “Become the Hunted, not the Hunter” is an effective resource available to entrepreneurs.

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